2015 Buick Regal Overview

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I just took possession of my 2015 Buick Regal AWD with the premium 1 package. Black with tan interior. Price before Taxes and PDI was $38,997.00 CAD (Canadian car). First impressions;

- This is a great looking car!
- Driving dynamics are really nice, firm and sporty but not too firm
- responsive 4 cylinder turbo (I've been driving V-6's for the last ten years so was concerned but I cannot see any difference)

- Centre console is tight on space, wish that they configured the cup holders more forward
- Wish that the centre screen was not so tilted, I have already noticed that glare affects the visibility and also some of the touch buttons to the right are a bit of a reach
- The front seats have much shorter bottoms than what I had previously, cuts off 8 inches before the back of the knee joint

I can't believe that this car has such slow sales, it is one of the nicest mid size sedans on the market. I am actually glad that sales are slow, it gives more prestige to the car!


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    @frenchguy007 , I owned a 2011 Regal Turbo until recently and test drove the 2015 before ultimately deciding I wanted a change (got a Cadillac ATS). Based on my experience with the 2011, you will love the car. The Regal gets no attention in the market for reasons I cannot understand. You already hit on the main points - the console design is a bit goofy but in my 3 years it wasn't a big deal for me. The seats are not traditional Buick seats and I also found the bottom cushion a bit short. Having said that, this was the most comfortable long-distance highway cruiser I have ever owned. It absolutely hunkers down at speed, feels glued to the road, and the miles fly by comfortably.

    I was impressed by the added power of the 2015 Turbo and it was noticeably quicker than my 2011. In my 3 years of ownership the only negatives were a tight back seat and a truck that was challenged to accept my golf clubs. But neither of those was a big deal and my ATS is even smaller in both areas so it obviously isn't a big concern for me. I always loved the Regal's looks inside and out and miss certain aspects of it though I love my ATS. Best of luck with yours!

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