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Honda Pilot EX-L 2015 model with RES ( Rear Entertainment System ) Out the Door Pricing

latergatorlatergator Posts: 4
edited October 2014 in Honda
Hi there,

I am in the market looking to buy the Honda Pilot EX-L with RES 2015 model. Can anyone share the best price they paid (out the door) for this model? This will give me an idea of a pricing to look for when I go to the dealership.

Later Gator


  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited October 2014
    OTD is a good way to buy a car - less haggling over line items. OTD isn't so good for comparing notes with others since tax rates vary quite a bit.

    Invoice on the EX-L with RES is $34,625. TMV comes in at $35,446 for my zip code. So that's your target price (dealers still make money selling cars below invoice).

    Our invoice and TMV numbers include the destination of $830 btw. With the new model year just starting up, most dealers probably aren't discounting a whole lot, although if you visit the CR-V pricing discussions, people are already getting good deals on the 2015s over there. And it's a good sign that TMV is already below invoice, so start low.

    Anyone driving a new Pilot? Please share your deal info. Thanks!
  • I bought a 2015 SE 4WD recently for 31,450. I had priced out the 2014 EXL-RES and the best price i got was around 33.000. I think the 2015 are going for more. I would have gone with the leather but i could not find the color because the 2015 were moving in.

    I would take a good look at the SE model. The only difference between the SE model and the the EXL-RES is leather. I like the upholstery in the SE over leather anyway.

    I'm in MA, sales tax was 6.25%. Doc fees were 350 or so.

    Do your homework on the extended warranty pricing if you decide to get one. I drive cars into the groups so for me it is wort it. An 8 year, 120,000 warranty was quoted to me online for 1200. The dealer was charging 1900 for a 7 year/100,000. :smile:
  • ej304ej304 Posts: 1
    I just called a local dealership here on Long Island, NY for a price on 2015 Honda Pilot Touring Edition. I asked for their best price before I made the drive over and they gave me $690 a month for 72 months at 1.9%. This includes $2000 for my Honda Civic trade in and tax. I told them for me to come in they would have to make a better initial offer and there was silence on their end.
  • Thanks for the replies. I got an OTD price between 36,900 and 37,300 for the 2015 Pilot EXL with RES. I live in Florida. Is this a good price?

    Hi mikmcl1972,
    I did look at the SE model but as you mentioned it is missing the Leather interior. Was the 33,000 you had it priced out for the 2014 EXL-RES, the OTD price ? If so will you be able to share with me the dealer details?

    Later Gator
  • Hi,
    I settled for a Honda Pilot EXL (2WD) ( no RES ) and bought it from Palm Harbor Honda last week. Out the door price ( including Tax and Title, I had my old tag and number plate from my other car ) came to $33,600. If you are in the market for a Honda, I strongly recommend Jamie from Palm Harbor Honda, a wonderful guy.

    Thanks everyone for their replies.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462

    What was your price before TTL?
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