Need advice sedan vs SUV

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I am considering upgrading to a new sedan instead of an SUV because you get more vehicle for your money. However, I have concerns over the lower profile of the new sedans. They seem to make them lower and lower to gain fuel economy. The lower profile concerns me because damage is more likely to occur from potholes and road debris.

I am mainly considering the mid size sedans Csmry, Accord, Legacy, and Altima. I could even go for a compact like the Corolla.

Is one of those sedans more durable in that regard? How do they compare to smaller SUVs like the RAV4?

I know the best thing to do is to avoid potholes and debris. However, after last winter I know that is not always possible. Any feedback on this is greatly sppreciated.


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    I've never had a pothole damage my car but once bent a rim.

    Weigh the pros and cons, which of these are most important to you... mpg, handling, ride, outward visibility, all whl drive, cargo space, passenger space, power, safety, ergonomics, cost, etc. A simple assessment matrix can quickly narrow down your choices.

    My first Subaru was a Legacy. At the time, I wanted AWD and did NOT want a wagon/SUV. That left two choices - Subaru Legacy or Audi A4.
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