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A GMC Canyon pickup truck with the high-end Denali trim is under serious consideration by General Motors, a GM executive confirmed for Edmunds.

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  • csubowtiecsubowtie Member Posts: 143
    Since Denali's also tend to get bigger engines, it would be sweet if they dropped the new 5.3 into a Canyon; it would also help justify spending $45k on a smaller truck. That could also set the stage for a Colorado SS, or better yet a Colorado eXtreme. Add the 5.3 to a (hinted at) ZR2 package for these trucks and you have a Raptor/TRD Pro combatant.
  • rockcrawler11rockcrawler11 Member Posts: 11
    Makes sense considering most people accepted the smaller luxury SUV's and cars. If gm gives this truck enough exclusive features it'll sell well.
  • biffdotorgbiffdotorg Member Posts: 11
    It was smart for GMC and Chevy to push out the long box Canyons and Colorados to the dealers first. As their first impression of the new midsize truck was much more positive.

    After leasing two Colorados and now a full sized Sierra, I was impressed at my first test drive of the new Canyon. It seemed larger than the Colorado's I had. Then after seeing the shortbox hit the lot, I realized, it really was not that much bigger, we had just not seen a long box crew cab in previous versions before.

    It will compete well with the foreign trucks especially with Ranger gone.
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