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Should I buy 2014 CR-V LE-X or wait for 2015? Should I buy with Navigation?

janice678janice678 Member Posts: 3
edited October 2014 in Honda
I got a quote for CR-V EL-X with Navigation is $26,707 plus $2,185 registration fee. Without the navigation is $25,318. Are those prices good enough? Interest is .90% APY. Should I get one with navigation or have an outside company install it? Should I buy 2014 or wait for 2015 model? Thanks so much everyone for your inputs!

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  • janice678janice678 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks so much! Your suggestions are very helpful!
  • westiemomwestiemom Member Posts: 1
    In checking with the dealers in this area both of them recommended not going with the Navigation. It does not always take you the most direct route and upgrades are in the forms of CDs that you have to purchase and they are not cheap....almost $200 each. They recommended a good after market GPS which I already have. This option is not cheap and you can buy one of the best GPS units on the market for much less. I am getting a 2015 but no navigation.
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