94-96 Diesels, which is the better to buy in 3/4t & why?

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I am looking to trade in my 1/2 F150 for a 3/4t diesel to pull my 8k 5th wheel. This f-150 doesit now, but has no long distance capability. It needs to be an automatic for ease of use. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am looking at the ford & dodge line..have read other discussions on this, but they seem to be addessing the current 99-02 line...this would be my 1st diesel, so i want to make the right decision..thanks in advance..


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    95 was the first year of the Powerstroke for Ford and I have heard some reports of problems with them but they are good for the most part and have the most power for that time period you are looking at. The Dodge used the tried and true 5.9 Cummins 6 and it is bulletproof the drawback is the auto transmission behind them wasnt as bulletproof. My personal choice would be a Dodge with the Cummins and the manual transmission, then if I wanted more power get an EGT (exhaust gas temperature) gage and install a bullydog chip in the truck. Also my personal view is I would not buy a used truck with a diesel and an automatic transmission. An automatic transmission is very sensitive when it comes to proper maintenance and there is no way of knowing the history of the transmission in a used truck.
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    the Cummins is the best engine, especially for the time period you mentioned. However, the Ford is the best truck. The auto in either one is a crap shoot. Good luck!!!!!!
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    Don't even consider a GM/Chevy. Those diesels were a real POS.
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    As I said earlier, the choice of the auto in a used diesel will be a crap shoot, maybe you'll get a good one. The '94 Ford was not turbo-charged, or if it was, it was not a Powerstroke. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I have driven a '95 and a '96 back-to-back. The difference between the two is amazing. The '95 didn't even feel like it had a turbo on it. As far as engines go, the International or Cummins is a great engine. But, IMO, the Ford offers the better package.
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    I have talked to several truck places around here and they are telling me that the ford is the best all around and most trouble free for these years. Dodge has had a lot of front-end/tranny issues. I cant get a manual, wife needs to drive it around 3 days a week. I have talked to several truck stop mechanics and they all recommend the international (ford) more than anything. Why is this? I have no choose, due to funds, to purchase a used vehicle, there seems to be alot of back & forth of other threeds in here about ford vs. dodge. Lariet you mentioned you have had a 97 ford..any issues...better stick w/96/97 ford turbo powerstroke ??? i have a family of 3 young kids and traveling is hard...ages 7,9,12..i think we would have more room in an extended ford vs. dodge's jump seats...agreee/disagree ??
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    so what you are saying is that the 96 is better than the 95 ford turbo diesel..i am not going to really pressure the diesel expect to tow around our 5th wheel 15x a year and the rest is normal driving...highway and some city driving....i am hoping to find one...they are hard to find around here..every shop i have talked to prefers the ford over dodge....i think we will stick with ford 96/97 if i can afford it...thanks all..
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    If you get the chance, drive both a '95 and a '96 and you'll know what I mean. The kind of truck you are looking for is pretty much the same truck I was looking for. They are hard to find period! When you do, you probably don't want it. I got very lucky. One day a co-worker brought in a classified section from a nearby city's newpaper and in it was a '99 with low miles and loaded exactly the way I wanted it, for only $2k more than what a dealer was asking me for a '96 with more miles on it. So, if time is on your side, keep your eyes open and be patient, the perfect truck at your price will show up eventually. Just be ready to show the money when it does.
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    Although Ford did not intoduce the name Powerstroke until 1995, they did direct-inject and turbocharge their 7.3 liter Navistar in the second half of the year 1994. These two changes are what determines the distinction of the Powerstoke. I know because I owned one and I loved it. I would still own it if it had been a dually. 94 was the transitional year for the 7.3 liter and there are actually three different engines because of it. I can't address the difference of the 95 vs. the 96 Powerstoke but I can't even imagine the need for more power than what my 94 had.
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