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Do Direct Manufacturer To Customer Sales, ala Tesla, Make Sense?

hpmctorquehpmctorque Member Posts: 4,600
edited October 2014 in General
Will the traditional sales and service model through franchised dealer networks continue to make sense and thrive, or will it eventually be replaced by a system that cuts out the middle party? There are pros and cons.

Is the Tesla distribution model justifiable in the long run, when there are a lot of aging Teslas? Does it make sense for electric vehicles, based on Tesla's claim that its cars require much less service than internal combustion powered cars, and Elon Musk's position that it's a conflict of interest for dealers to profit for repairs?

Musk has a valid case, at least in theory. It'll be interesting to see whether it proves to be viable. Please weigh in with your your thoughts on this topic.
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