2001 Lincoln Navigator Fuse 11

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I have just bought a used 2001 navigator with a few issues. My main problem now is a battery drain when the truck is shut off. I hooked up a multimeter to measure the current drain. The first 40 ish minutes the drain was .3 amps. After this it Jumps up to 3.5 amps. This is after all doors lights ect have been off. I have narrowed the fuse down to fuse # 11 in the power distribution box. According to the manual it is the alternator field. I am trying to get some wiring schematics so i can trace this out and solve my problem. I bought the Hayes manual and nothing matches up. Id appreciate any hint / tips with this.


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    Try bbbind.com for wiring diagrams. Look under the "Technical" tab - you have to register but the diagrams are free.
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    Thanks a ton, i greatly appreciate it!
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    Good luck hunting it down!
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