Isuzu Trooper roof cross bars

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Isuzu roof cross bars


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    What about them? Trying to buy some, fix some? What Isuzu - Trooper?
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    Sry it cut me off b4 i was done.. " glitched"" I have the TR-100 rack adapters for an 1996 isuzu trooper "most troopers require them", and the CURT # C18115 roof basket.. i am looking for the crossbars that go with the adapters and the basket.. or specs on making my own adapters and crossbars..?? 

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    I'm not familiar with Surco racks. Looks like a type of slotted bar, and they're ~$80 each at eBay. Not cheap. I don't know if you could kludge the adapters to some plain square steel stock, and then there's the issue of attaching the basket to the bars. But it sounds like the basket is pretty flexible on the bars, so long as they aren't wider than 3".

    Any Trooper owners listening?
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