Persuade me! 2014 Honda Civic Si or 2014 Scion tC?

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So I'm in the market for a new car. This will be my first time financing a car, but I have owned 3 "used" cars in the past and just recently sold my recent car ('03 BMW 325i). So coming from a German car to a Japanese car, I'm in new territory and need help. I'm not looking for a "fast" car, but a car I will be able to enjoy (occasional spirited driving, but mostly commuting from home, school. work) and that has "similar" handling to my E46. Yes, I can go test drive them, but I am asking for other peoples opinion before I do.

Simply, persuade me into whichever of the two because I'm pretty set on either or. I know, or at least assume, people were/are in the same boat as me (deciding between the two). So, if you were and chose one or the other, let me know why and how you like it. Any and all help is much appreciated, therefore thank you in advance! :)

Persuade me! 2014 Honda Civic Si or 2014 Scion tC? 2 votes

2014 Honda Civic Si
50% 1 vote
2014 Scion tC
50% 1 vote


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    They're both pretty fun to drive, but I think you'll find that the Civic Si is a bit more of a driver's car and also a little better-made. Also, the Edmunds Editors give it an A rating (vs. a B for the tC).

    Not to throw a wrench in, but what about an FR-S or a GTI?
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