Thoughts on 2015 Toyota Highlander Quote

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Recently received the following quote for a 2015 AWD V6 XLE Highlander w/ all weather mats: $35,700 + taxes, fees, etc, comes out to about 37,900 OTD.

This is a bit over the NADA invoice price and much better than elsewhere I've seen via Truecar and basic internet pricing. I think I'm going to take it, but welcome any thoughts from others on this price.


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    I come up with invoice of $35,305 (which includes $885 destination).

    TMV for an Albuquerque zip code is $37,110. TMV is an average price paid, so your quote is good (those mats invoice for $120). You may be able to beat TMV if you grind some more, depending on how popular the Highlander is in your region and how many dealers are fighting for your business.

    Enjoy the new ride!
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    thanks for your response. the quote i got was with minimal haggling and, as i don't plan to really haggle or pit dealers against each other, i think i'll just be sticking with this price. is it the best? maybe not, but is it good? i think so, good enough for me!
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    Hm, it's still early out here and the coffee is finally kicking in - you're already beating TMV by $1,000+ and you're close to invoice before taxes, so you're doing more than "good enough".
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    We received a dealer quote of $39,500 OTD for 2015 Toyota Highlander XLE (V6) AWD with carpet floor mats, location is San Francisco bay area. They showed us a printout spec sheet with invoice price of 36,610 without the mats / MSRP 38,810. Our tax/fees rate here is around 10%. So based on that, price before tax would be $35,910. We are trying to get 39K OTD (based on seeing Edmunds invoice price of $35,545) but so far this is the lowest quote we got. Is this a good price? Would appreciate any thoughts on this price from this forum. Thank you!
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    Invoice is invoice. You can look that number up here and at most of the other car sites (KBB,, etc.).

    The only wrinkle sometimes is whether the site includes destination or not. The invoice number you posted includes the destination of $885.

    I don't think I'd trust that printout sheet you were shown that listed "invoice" price. TMV is around $37,503 up in Oregon, but probably isn't much different in the Bay Area. So the dealer's offer may have some wiggle room but seems to be a pretty good number - around $1,500 below average by my math.
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    Thank you for your feedback, appreciate it!
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