Ford Mustang Electrical dilema

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My ABS light lights up, radio flashes on and off and the battery dies. Battery and alternator have been tested by auto zone and they are charging and working. After a jump the car will start and it runs awful. After being parked awhile it starts and works fine. I have had the mechanic look at it several times and we can not seem to find the problem. Has anyone else had any issues close to this and might have an answer?


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    Probably makes no difference but what kind of Ford?

    Did you remove the battery for testing? If so I assume you cleaned the connections and they are nice and tight at the battery terminals. You can also check the battery connections going away from the battery (to the starter, firewall, etc.).

    I also assume Auto Zone tried to pull any codes and didn't find any (but maybe you didn't get them to plug a reader into the ODBII port. If not, go back and ask if they'll see if any codes are stored).
  • lilbit221959lilbit221959 Member Posts: 2
    2003 Ford Mustang 6 cyl base. Put the battery on a charger and it was charged when I put it on. so took it back off and put it in the car. There is no service engine light on, to pull the codes, and I can not drive it, just tried again it does not want to start, to even take it to auto zone
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