Won't start - Electrical/Ignition Issues? Toyota Sequoia.

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In the last month and a half my car has not started after a brief drive. First started when I drove to the cornergas station. Ran in to grab something when I came out it wouldn't start. Had it towed to Firestone, they couldn't get to it til next day. When they got into the vehicle it started right up. They tested said nothing was wrong. Second time was week and half ago, went in the morning to go to hospital and it wouldn't start and when key was turned it clicked loudly. Again towed to Firestone took a brand new battery to Auto Zone they hooked it up said nothing was wrong with it but charged it for me a it. Put it back in car, it started right up and Firestone checked my alternator again they said nothing was wrong with it. Last night coming home from work, I work two miles from home, stopped by mailbox to check mail, car wouldn't start. Keep in mind all three times lights came on unable to bring windows down but lights were on door was able to lock, seat back and forth. Today someone pulled out the ignition, both, fuses and put them back in, car started back up? Anyone have the same problem or any idea what it could be? Figured I Ask before taking it in to the dealership where I purchased it from?
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