Changed battery Now No headlights , no interior lights & no power lock, no alarm

badboychubsbadboychubs Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Jeep
Battery died. so i took out the battery and replaced it. but before i took out the old one the factory alarm was not trigger. the back glass was opening on its own. so i got the new battery and installed it.
Jeep started up normal but No power to dash board lights, interior lights to show door is open, power locks not working, i have o lock and unlock manually. speedometer not moving from zero. no front wipers only water will spread. no headlights, but if i flicker the bright lights it light up. brake and reverse lights work. i can't drive at night because no lights.

we checked all the fuse and no diagnostic codes showed up. engine running ok. Airco is only blowing air not cooling. it was working fine before.

some say it can be a sensor bad or maybe jeep computer needs to reset.
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