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2010 Toyota Corolla flaw!?!

rivals_rollarivals_rolla Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Toyota
2010 corolla 27k miles

After a rainy day this week my check engine/VSC/trac off lights came on. I came home and read many forum posts discussing the same issue, mostly concluding with a sensor issue that was resolved.

I took my rolla into the dealer today where they confirmed that my O2 sensors were bad, but to my surprise they told me that the reason was because the AC drain was blocked and the leaking water caused the O2 sensors to fail. So I was faced with a repair bill for the new Sensors $450 and a crazy $120 to unclog the AC/Water drain.

The water drain issue was new to me until I came home to read story after story about water leaking in to the passenger side of many toyota/scion cars. After doing some research I went out to my car to inspect the cabin air filter and see where the drain hose was located. Yup, the passenger floor was wet and it hadn't rained in 2 days. I live on the east coast and haven't run my AC months.

Who would have known? I rarely have passengers and I've never noticed any mildew or musky odors, but now it makes sense why the inside of my car was unusually foggy most mornings.

I called Toyota Customer Care to complain but I'm not sure what good that will do. I hope other toyota owners are looking into this and how in my opinion their faulty cabin filter and AC/Water drainage systems are not only causing water damage to the carpet and upholstery of our cars, but are causing unnecessary electrical and premature sensor failures.
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