Why so unreliable after only 49500 miles? Nissan Murano.

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2009 Murano requires CVT and transfer case replaced after only 49500 miles??


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    Nissan had a lot of problems with their early CVTs.

    Are you having to pay for the repair? If so, check out this site; maybe you'll qualify. If not, I'd still contact Nissan and see if they'll help out somehow.

    Nissan CVT Warranty Extension
  • mleungmleung Member Posts: 2

    It's covered under warranty but still doesn't provide me with confidence that it won't fail again on a lonely road in the middle of the night in an area w/out cell service. Thanks for the reply.

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    what year is this Murano, I have a 2011
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    @mleung's is a 2009, per the first post.
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    That problem doesn't really surprise me. The challenge with designing a CVT has long been dealing with engine output and vehicle weight. A 3855 lb or so 2009 Murano with a 3.5L V6 would have been near the top of the vehicle weight and engine power heap for CVT equipped vehicles built in 2008. The first use of CVTs on motor vehicles was on mopeds and small motorcycles. CVTs at that time could only handle a small engine in a very light vehicle. Since then they've constantly improved, but putting one in a 3855lb SUV with a 3.5L engine was a bit aggressive in 2008.
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