1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief 4X4 appraisal/values

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I am the second owner of this vehicle and it has been very reliable over the years. Primarily this has been used as a plow truck and I would like to get an idea on what it's worth. The body of the vehicle has rusted through parts of the floor and fenders but this can be repaired. Original v8 engine and has 65k miles on it and it does run but may need a new battery. This is a quadra trac 4x4 with power glide transmission. I am about to list this Jeep for sale and need an idea on what it's worth and what I should sell it for. I have pictures of the jeep but it seems like I cannot post them on this forum.[Email removed]


  • lindalewislindalewis Member Posts: 2
    I guess there are car expert who really knows how to give worth and value for a car depending on the age, style, look and features of it. They are professionals when it comes to it. It will be okay if there are some pictures posted here but since it's not possible, then, the best choice is to ask those trusted expert when it comes to cars!
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