Road Trip

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Took a day trip into the N.C. mountains, probably about 250 miles total. Average MPG was 34 and this included driving in small towns and big towns, interstate, two lane country roads, up and down steep hills, etc.
Everything worked fine, very comfortable ride in both seats, fairly quiet. Temp. was about 70, so no real test of A/C,but seemed to work OK.
USB was a bit confusing, but not sure whether the Rogue or how I transferred from CD to computer and then to USB.
Navigation worked well, but had to wait to give voice commands, which is annoying. Also,it took a really long time to "recalculate" when I took a different route from what it wanted.
Even on very steep hills, I did not notice any loud noise from the engine/CVT. Not as noisy as some of the 4 cyls I have driven on same roads. Sort of like accelerating with any car. You get the small engine/trans. noise that you expect.
Did not have any problems pulling the steep hills, even at 65 MPH using cruise.
The sun visors are very annoying and Nissan has yet to contact me with a solution or even just saying working as designed. They hang down too far when you try to use to block sun coming in windshield.
Overall, happy with it so far (except visors).
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