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2013 Honda Accord windshield has grayish hue making a dull view

terryp1terryp1 Member Posts: 55
edited December 2014 in Honda
2103 Accord: Have had it for nearly two years, and something has bothered me from early on.

When driving in sunlight, the view through the front windshield is dim, as if it has a gray film over it. It has the same appearance as when a film indeed has built up on the inside from off-gassing of vinyl/plastics etc. I thought that was the problem at first and cleaned it well, several times to no avail. (And, of course, on the outside.) Tried with and without polarized sunglasses, in and out of shade.

I have noticed two things:

-- If I turn and look out the door windows all is sharp, crisp and clear, but when turning back again to look through the windshield it is dull and dim, as if covered by a film.

-- When I drive through shade under trees suddenly everything up ahead in the sun is sharp and clear, then as soon as I come out of the shaded area the dull view returns.

Is this from the so-called "quiet glass?"

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