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Which car to buy? Looking for something comfy for long drives.

ag_superag_super Member Posts: 1
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Greetings all,

We are looking to buy a new sedan. Our budget is under $40K. We currently own a 2013 Acura TSX 4dr sedan and looking to replace it with something more comfortable, especially something that we can go for long rides in. TSX is fine but it can get very loud on the highway which gives us a headache after a few hours of drive. We really feel that we have done X miles after our trip, and we've begun hating all the vibrations in this car.

So we're looking for something that is very comfortable and won't make us very tired after a long drive. We like small sedans and were looking at 2014 Lexus IS250 and Infiniti Q50. We haven't driven either yet but they do not look like very comfortable cars for long drives.

Which cars should we consider? Please share your experience with us.




  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
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    Here are my 4 picks

    Kia Cadenza / Azera,

    Toyota Avalon

    Lexus E350

    I test drove both 2015 Avalon and Cadenza. Excellent vehicles for long highway drives

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

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