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OEM part no longer being made by Infinti

jazdrejazdre Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in INFINITI
I have a 1997 J30 with around 189k on the motor. The car is still in pretty good sharp and I've just spent about $800 buck getting most of the frontend removed and replace. Tie rods, bushing and the likes and the car was driving and felt a like new car again. A few days ago my daughter informed me that the car would not accelerate and after popping the hood to take a look around I discovered that the Thottle bodies air intake duck on both side had dry rooted and was coming apart. It was pretty much trashed. A year ago I did patch up a big crack on one of them, however, they're done now. The problem is Im being told that the part is no longer being made by Infiniti and finding a used one that's not going to fall apart in my hand is going to be next to impossible. Any suggustions
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