Misfire on cylinder 5 & 6 due to water appearing in coil pack hole. Isuzu Trooper.

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I have a strange issue.

Water seems to collect in primarily the Cyl 6 coil pack which is causing the spark to discharge into valve cover. It seems to be happening to a lesser extent on Cyl 5. I'm referring to last 2 coil packs on the LHS of the vehicle.

Eventually the spark plugs get fouled due to the irregular/improper spark and they cannot fire at all. When I pull out the coil packs I find water in the hole.

There's nothing around the coil packs where water can come in, and there's no water on the valve cover or anywhere for that matter. I also can't see any pipes where water could leak from, nor is there anything leaking, but somehow the water appears inside the coil pack hole!

The car runs primarily on LPG but I get the same issue on standard gas. There's no smoke or head gasket issues and the motor is healthy with good compression.

There's a tiny bit of water loss in the reserve which might just be due to heat. The only thing I could think of is that the water is coming through the valve cover gasket as there is a rubber gasket at the top of the coil pack hole, but I don't think there are cooling passages in the valve cover anyway where the water could come from (enlighten me if I'm wrong).

This is a very strange problem indeed and if anybody could shed some light I would appreciate it.


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    Not to be too silly, but... Do you wash your engine when you go to the carwash? :/ I have had this problem before . Ended up being an inexperienced friend running the pressure washer wand. :)
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    Sure enough erratic misfire after engine cleaning on #6 (tightest access,of course). Almost didn't spot the water even with good light - Thanks for the post.
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