06 Saturn Ion with P0106 & P0455 codes

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my 06 Saturn Ion had being giving me (check gas cap) and check engine light came on. So, I changed the gas cap and reset the check engine light then took a 2400 miles road trip. 3 weeks from reseting the check engine light it came back on. with two codes P0106 & P0455 (MAP sensor & Large vapor leakage).

I noticed a new phenomena when I open the gas cap, I notice that the neck of the gas tank and the gas cap has gasoline on them, which was not happening before.

First question, are these two code related to each other? I am asking because (Saturn Engine Diagnostic parameters) for P0455 puts P0106 as the (secondary monitoring parameters and enable conditions). What does that mean? I am really interested in understanding this part.

My other question should I start fixing the first or second code first? I hear a mechanics says something about starting with the code with lower number, but not sure if I heard him right. please correct me.

Final question, what does the gasonline on the cap and the neck of the tank means? does it mean that the tank has problems? can it be the MAP sensor!! which I doubt
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