2014 Jetta SportWagon TDI first time buyer

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I want to purchase a new Jetta SportWagon TDI - never purchased a new car before, only used. What is the best price/package I can expect? $27,875 was the lowest a dealer quoted me, without sunroof. With sunroof, $29,600. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to go about getting the best price/deal? Someone told me that I should contact the dealers via internet first, get a quote in writing then go into a dealership when ready to buy, with the best price in hand, at the end of a month. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    I've been buying new cars for close to 45 years with well over 1000 vehicles purchased for myself, family, and friends.

    I'm not familiar or 100% sure what model you want... I know VW has 1000 dollar dealer cash Incentive till the 31st of this month . Take your models invoice price then add the destination charge of $ 820. Once you have that number minus 2000 off that number as your target price to buy that day.

    This target price number will be the number you tell each dealerships internet dept. or manager{ if possible } to meet to earn your business the day you start your calls.

    Go online and get the numbers to as many dealerships as far as your willing to travel to. Call or email each dealership's internet manager. tell each one you buy your model vehicle that moment for 2k below dealers invoice price.

    Here are the prices I got off @Nada.com. I want you to check your models invoice also making sure I have the right model. Edmunds, Kbb.com or Nada price will help you find this info.

    2014 Jetta sportwagon / w sunroof. Invoice = 28,287 + dest / charge 820=29,107

    Non sunroof ....................................Invoice= 26,558.........................820 = 27,378

    Click on my user name @brian125 once on my home page click on my 2935 comments and read thru some of my postings. You will finds thousands of Negotiating tips , advice, and tricks on How and When to make your best possible new car deal..

    IM me if you need further assistance.

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    Hi brian125, Thank you very much for your info. I think you helped my friend over a year ago buy her Honda!
    I want to purchase the:
    VW SportWagon 2014 manual transmission, TDI (diesel) with sunroof.
    NADA says invoice price is $27,239 + $820 dest charge for a total of $28,050.

    I have a few questions. Why do you suggest I take off $2000? Why not more/less?
    It's the end of October -- should we buy tomorrow (10/31) or could I expect similar prices or more discounts in November?
    As you suggested, I have emailed all the VW dealers in reasonable driving distance requesting the OTD price. The best complete price (itemizing charges) was OTD $28,474 (car price $26,350). A very local dealer just gave me $26,000, without any itemizing. I'm guessing this is without any fees and charges.

    Is the $28,474 a good price? Do you think I could get a lower price? Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    I'm surprised that the prices are not very far from MSRP -- I was expecting much more of a discount.
    Many thanks.

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    On Jan,1 2015 your 2014 VW wagon will be considered a 1yr old car and it will have depreciated accordingly. If vehicle is stolen or totaled in a accident your value of the vehicle will be accessed at 2500 dollars or more less than you paid in just 2 months. that's why you need to make the right decision price wise on a 2014 model compared to a 2015 model.

    example: If I only could get a 2014 end of the yr. model for 1600 below dealers invoice but I could get a new 2015 model in 2014 for invoice price that's a no brainer go for the 15 model. weigh all your options for both years.

    you need to negotiate with several dealerships. This will help you land the best deal. If you buy and negotiate like I preach anything is possible . This will give you the best chance to land a very good deal. your emails/ calls should be telling dealerships I buy at xxx price. stay in control of your negotiations. you have to tell each dealership here is my offer if you agree I buy today. never ask dealers for there best price or you will get there idea of a good price. 1600 below invoice is a low quote for this time of the year. 2k or more is where you should be targeting.

    I cant predict how much lower or what prices you can get. Read thru my posts on buying/ tips on negotiating and you will make the best possible deal.

    So if I was buying your vehicle I would call / email 25 to 30 dealers if possible telling each dealership I will buy this model for 2500 below invoice price. Don't worry so much about OTD pricing until you and dealership agree on a selling price. I would start my buying process the last 2 days of this month. But I suggest you start the last 5 days before the end. making your best deal at the very end of the month unless a dealer meets your target price.

    Start at 2300 below dealers invoice. work down from that number if no dealer is willing to sell by months end.

    Read thru my prior posts the past year or 2 in the Accord or CRV forums on buying .

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    Remember the 1st 1000 dollars off this vehicle comes from the manufacturer and not the dealer. They lose no profit yet. There is a dealer-holdback on this model for another 600 plus any hidden incentives dealerships are getting to push this yr. end model off there lot.

    A 2k below target price should be your line in the sand on the 2014 model BUY or WALK .

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    Post in the Accord or CRV forum if you need more assistance. Be glad to help you.

    good luck....... Diana

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