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2003 Silverado SS

fst1fst1 Member Posts: 18
The 345-horse 6.0-liter is a potent engine and all, but is it really a match for the supercharged Ford? And how are you supposed to do burnouts with all-wheel drive?

Ed Hellwig
Road Test/Future Vehicles Editor


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    machiavellimachiavelli Member Posts: 260
    Well, the Silverado is probably better suited as a daily driver. Maybe not quite as fast as the Lightning, and not able to do smokey burnouts, but on the other hand, which one would you rather drive in rain or snow?
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    pzeyepzeye Member Posts: 1
    It is a shame Chevy is going to tarnish the SS legacy by coming in 3rd place (maybe 4th place) to Dodge (Viper Ram & possible Dakota Hemi) and Ford (Lightning), but it is a very good move to have the SS available in an extended cab with a real bed. Being a SoCal type, I would prefer 4 wheel steer to 4 wheel drive, in fact, I would probably drive my '01 Silverado right down to the dealer and trade it in. However, knowing the 4WD will add to the weight and cost, I will hold out to see if Dodge really does make the Hemi Dakota in an extended cab 4 door.

    Too bad Chevy didn't use the 405 HP Z06 engine. That would have moved it up to 2nd place in acceleration, and first place, by far, as an overall package.
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    rayrockrayrock Member Posts: 14
    my pick would be the dodge. the f150 fold like a tin can in the iihs offset crash and gm engines have that piston slap.
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    dieselonedieselone Member Posts: 5,729
    As far as performance it won't be in the same league as the lightning. To me it's not the same type of truck. Isn't it basically a GMC Sierra C6 with silverado SS badges? It may be a more practical daily driver, but I don't see anything exclusive or special about the package. Unfortunately that can be said about many of GMs products. I'm sure it will be a great truck but deserving of SS badges, I don't think so....
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    ar60ar60 Member Posts: 1
    With the demise of the f-car and Ford obviously becoming the only relatively affordable sports car, it is a shame to see GM lagging so far behind. True an aftermarket supercharger would no doubt do wonders, but shouldn't it come from the factory ready to devour the Lightning and Viper Ram. Sure it will hook with all-wheel drive, but hook what 345hp?!!!:( What's the use. I'd much rather have seen the money spent on the AWD system used on something from Whipple or MagnaCharger. 6.0L-of course there is a ton of potential, but are we as consumers supposed to be thankful for Chevy giving us something to work with?! I think I remember seeing an article in Truckin' featuring a Silverado built by Arizona Speed & Marine which fit the bill of a super-truck much better than GM's latest shortcoming. I guess I'll call them Monday instead of my local Chevy dealer!
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    dakotasxt02dakotasxt02 Member Posts: 2
    When Dodge's RAM 500(SRT_10) goes on the market, the lighting will have no power to match. I can't wait 'til i can have my first incounter with a lightning or SS, or even a Corvette. Man it's gonna be some fun times.
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    joelisjoelis Member Posts: 315
    The Ram 500 and Lightning are really niche vehicles - lowered, rear wheel drive only, single cab, high hp, really front heavy - basically tire shredders that you can't drive in bad weather or haul anything in - or even race, for that matter, unless you don't plan to turn the steering wheel at all.

    At least the Silverado SS will be USEFUL. Not a lot of power, but more than most vehicles on the road, and AWD, and a Back Seat - what a concept. They shouldn't have used the SS moniker though. But what else is new, considering they also gave it to a V6 FWD Monte Carlo.

    Regarding the comment about blowing a Corvette - LOL! Maybe a 79 vette with 200k on the Odo...

    500hp doesn't mean as much when its trying to move 5000lbs on a non-aerodynamic front-heavy body. There is a big difference in a 6 second 0-60 time, compared to a 4.8 second time in a C5, never mind the new Z06's 4.2 times. And what happens if you try to turn the steering wheel in that big tank at about 125mph? not much.

    See ya at the finish line.
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    aviatormanaviatorman Member Posts: 44
    Does anyone know if there is a brochure out for the SS? I have the 2003 Slverado book and it doesn't have the SS in it.
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    caramocaramo Member Posts: 93
    Not that I've seen anyway
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    jnhk4jnhk4 Member Posts: 1
    I am insulted by the comment about a dodge beating a corvette. I have a 1999 C5 with a few mods done and my friend has a 1999 dakota rt with a blower on it and he doesnt stand a chance. I also work at a chevrolet dealer and as soon as they release the SS I will have one with a wipple supercharger. for those of you that do not know this is a roots style supercharger that provides the most boost for the money. Thus resulting in a similar affect as the 1991 and 1992 syclone AWD truck which need not be forgotten because i would take one of those over a lightning or a dodge any day. Of course this is just my opinion which we are all entitled to.
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    dcairnsdcairns Member Posts: 3

    Actually the Whipple is not a roots type blower. It produces similar results, (high boost at low RPM), when compared to a centrifugal blower, but the Whipple is a Screw type compressor. It is more efficient than a roots type blower (less drag on the motor) and heats the air less in the process of compressing it.

    I have a Blue Silverado Ext Cab SS on order, and plan to add a supercharger, as well. By my estimates, it should produce a 1/4 mile ET in the high 13's. Quite competitive with a stock Lightning. It will take more tricks than a supercharger to get it as fast as a Syclone, though. Even Lightning drivers still respect the Syclone.

    Be sure and drop by at www.SilverasoSS.com to visit fellow SS enthusiasts

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    txyank1txyank1 Member Posts: 1,010
    I'm disappointed that GM chose to make the SS an X -cab AND saddle it with the extra weight of AWD. I doubt that It'll be as fast as a 5.7 Hemi 1/2 ton, or the S/C HD Supercrew. And don't even bother to compare it with the SRT - 10 or Lightning for performance.
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    dcairnsdcairns Member Posts: 3
    If you are thinking of buying an SS, GM is now accepting orders. Mine order is in the bin, waiting for production to start :-)
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    blownc5blownc5 Member Posts: 1
    For $800 my wifes Lightning now has a larger crank pulley for boos, cold air intake, and a chip. Near 500 motor hp/ 390 at wheels for 12.9 in the 1/4. All for just over $30K. Thats even with the Dodge for $$$??? $60K? Had the syclone. Raw fun out of the whole, but too hard to do basics.
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    bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Member Posts: 1,058
    Silverado SS msrp $39995.
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    texaspaultexaspaul Member Posts: 1
    I don't understand why Ford doesn't get it. The crewcab F150 would sell much better with a Long wheel base. I have talked to several guys in construction that would buy it if it were available. I will be purchasing the Dodge crewcab long wheel base at the end of the month.
    By the way Short wheel base was a marketing tool used to sell trucks to girls. Think about that one when your feeling macho.
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    dcairnsdcairns Member Posts: 3
    The Silverado SS is finally showing up at dealers and in anxious owners garages.
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    aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Member Posts: 107
    Will these have curtain air-bags?

    How far is the center-of-gravity off the ground?: so as to apply NHSTB roll-over criteria.

    Will it come with the non-darkening but infar-red reflecting windows?

    Will it come with run-flat tires?
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    dcrislerdcrisler Member Posts: 118
    I have been offered an SS for 35.9k and would like to hear from any owners.
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    glenn46glenn46 Member Posts: 2
    i'v been hearing alot about chevy's piston slaping , is it true with al silverado's ....
    trying to decide which to get that for a ford.
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    b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    Local dealer is selling them for 33.XXXK. They are one of the $98 over invoice places and are totally trustworthy.
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    professor4professor4 Member Posts: 27
    Mind telling me where "local" for you is? I'm looking at one of the SS trucks, and $33K sounds very good.

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    00f1507401100f15074011 Member Posts: 1
    Recently I just got this months truck trend magazine and they just did a comparison between the silverado ss, the harley davidson f-150, and the dodge ram hemi. Motor Trend guys were doggin the ss because it was horrible in handling and the interior was outdated. The ss was also slower than the harley davidson and the ss has more horsepower than the harley. The dodge wasn't even quicker than the harley and it also had more horsepower than the harley. So if you want to get a high performance street truck get yourself a lightning or a harley davidson f-150, f-250, or f-350.
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    dcrislerdcrisler Member Posts: 118
    That the SS beat them all Zero to Sixty!! Fairly quick. as far as handling the comment made was that the awd system could not make up it's mind as to which end was going to get the power... that is a programming issue and will be worked out.
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    diablo4diablo4 Member Posts: 40
    In motor trend Mag. they said a couple months after the dodge ram srt 10 comes out it is going to have a gen 2 with more Hp to better compete with the trucks.
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