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Chevrolet Colorado



  • jauto98jauto98 Posts: 77
    I believe the 16/20 mpg rating you stated is for the 5-cylinder, 220 HP motor. Look at and look for the GMC Canyon link under vehicles. No word on the mileage rating of the 4-cylinder, would assume 19/26 mpg.
  • Why drop the six unless one of your goals is improved mileage? I read somewhere that GM expects a two to three MPG improvement over the engines the new I-4/5 are replacing (2.2/4.3). Look at annother way. Many people were predicting 15 more hp per each engine, simply based on reducing the rating of the 4.2 by one to two cylinders. True, having to run twin balance shafts at twice engine speed does cause some parisitic losses, however I think part of the power loss is due to GM tuning the engines for better fuel economy.

    I guess will see when the Feds at the EPA test them.
  • Well if the platform for the Colorado is the same as the Suzuki D-Max. Why not deliver something that US buyers would buy and offer the small diesel engine as in the D-Max?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    No diesel in Colorado due to US negative diesel perception. No diesel in Isuzu Dmax since GM does not want competition for Colorado so there will be no Dmax in US. Isuzu is suffering so much in US and even Japan that they may disappear totally as far as non-commercial vehicles are concerned.
    Personally I would jump at the chance to have a light truck with a diesel. Ford and GM already offer diesel in Ranger and S10 in markets outside of US so it would not be a problem to engineer, just a problem to sell.
  • Does anyone have any specs on the size of the cargo box in the crewcab version of the Colorado. Any data on approx. Gas mileage for the I5?
    When is this truck hitting the showrooms? June or Sept?
  • I've been hearing a lot about the new midsize truck that GM is going to build next year like options, suspension, and engine size, but no mention of price. Has anyone stumbled across a predicted MSPR for these new comers or is it going to be a huge secret. I hope it won't be exceding the 30K+ price tag of the four door S-10, which is way overpriced. You'd be better off going with a full size.
  • I have come across a WEB Site a few weeks ago that stated that apparently the Colorado/Canyon price will remain approx the same as the current S10/Somoma prices which would make Colorado/Canyon a little more palatable. I hope someone at GM is listening; your product is a tad overpriced. GM has good products but if you go to Dodge and Ford Website and use the Build your own vehicle you will see why the Dodge Quad Cabs and are multiplying like rabbits and the F150 is the best selling truck.

    PS any idea of what the Payload and Max towing capacity of the
    I5 200hp will be?
  • lennxlennx Posts: 73
    My wife was in for service on our van and sat in a Canyon. Her one word opinion - "cheap"
  • PS any idea of what the Payload and Max towing capacity of the
    I5 220hp will be?
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    I work next to the engine facility were they make the I5, I was told it will pump out upwards of 240 HP, but with pollution controls ect... it will do slightly less! The great thing is that the darn things will avg 20 MPG! From what I'm hearing this is going to kill Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota truck lines! GM is going to price these things very aggressive! It is a nice looking truck! The mid size SUV on the same platform is even nicer! This thing will tow 4500 lbs!
  • ghislainghislain Posts: 34
    Interesting statement By Dave Guilford
    Automotive News / February 24, 2003
    at 690

    DETROIT - General Motors will assemble crew-cab versions of the Chevrolet S10 and GMC Sonoma small pickups through 2005 as it sells their replacements.

    The Sonoma and S10 are built in the Linden, N.J., truck plant, which also builds the Chevrolet Blazer mid-sized SUV. GM's small pickups will be replaced by the mid-sized Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, which will arrive in late fall from the retooled Shreveport, La., plant.

    Tom Wallace, vehicle line executive for mid-sized trucks, says that although the new pickups will have nine models, GM would be short of crew cabs without the Linden production.

    Wallace said the Colorado and Canyon will be offered in regular, extended and crew-cab versions, each with regular, sport and high-trim packages.

    GM projects annual sales of up to 175,000 Colorados and up to 40,000 Canyons.
  • If fuel prices keep rising and if the crewcab with the I5 can get between 20-25mpg highway it should be a winner.
     I'm going to give GM at least a year to work the bugs out before making my decision.
  • ghislainghislain Posts: 34
    GM has updated the info on the Colorado.
    you can check
    and use the drop down menu under colorado.
  • jauto98jauto98 Posts: 77
    Hey, was at the autoshow this week and got some info from one of the reps, this is only preliminary and may or may not make it into production:
    General Data
    Passenger Accommodations: up to 5
    EPA Vehicle Class: Compact Pickup
    Displacement: 171ci (2.8L), 215ci (3.5L)
    Bore&Stroke: 93x102 mm
    Compression Ratio: 10:1
    Horsepower: 170@5600 (2.8L), 215@5600 (3.5L)
    Torque: 175@4400 (2.8L), 225@4000 (3.5L)
    Recommended Fuel: Regular
    0-60mph: 11.1secs (2.8L), 9.5secs (3.5L)
    EPA city/hwy: 26.2mpg comb (2.8/auto), 16/20mpg (3.5/auto/4x4/crew)
    Range: 15 - 312/390 (4x2 crew)
    Fuel tank: 19.6 gal
    Exterior Dimensions
    Wheelbase: 111.2in (reg), 125.9in (ext+crew)
    2wd Tread front/rear: 57.5/57.5in
    4wd Tread front/rear: 59.6/59.8in
    Overall Length: 192.4in (reg), 207.0in (ext+reg)
    Overall width: 67.6in
    Height: 64.8in (2wd), 67.7in (4wd)
    Min Ground Clearance: 8.2in (Z85-stand 2wd), 9.0in (Z71-2wd & 4wd)
    Bed Volume: 36.7 cu ft (crew), 43.9 cu ft (reg+ext)
    Turning Circle (ft): 37(2wd reg), 41(2wd ext+crew), 39(4wd reg), 43ft (4wd ext+crew)
    Wheel sizes: 15x6, 17x8, 15x7
    Brakes: front disc/rear drums 4wheel ABS
    Interior Dimensions
    Head Room f/r: 39.3/37.6(ext), 39.3/37.1(crew)
    Leg Room f/r: 42.2/30.8(ext), 42.2/34.4(crew)
    New Features
    Traction control (2wd)
    Locking diff with both engines
    Side Roof Rail Air Bags
    XM radio
    Hope this helps.
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    The mpg on the 2.8 is great. Get a manual, and you're talking 28 mpgs.
  • padocpadoc Posts: 2
    Anyone know if CHevy has plans to make an suv version of the colorado? Maybe to replace the blazer, which I hear is going out in 2005? Or any plans to make trailblazer more rugged? Really like the ZR2 Blazer, but don't know whether to buy or wait for something else
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    someone claiming to be a GM insider posted that there will be a Colorado based SUV. I have not seen anything published with a byline saying this.

    It might be good idea, however. The Equinox, like the Escape, CRV, RAV4, etc. will be basically a tall car. That would leave the Freelander and the Liberty as the only real small truck SUV.

    GM could possibly have a player in both the car and the truck small suv market.
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    If you hunt on the internet, there are plenty of pictures of the new colorado based SUV? Just look a little.
  • liamjohnliamjohn Posts: 6
    Does anyone know release date? Price for crew cabs?
  • If Chevrolet thinks that they can compete with the Dodge Dakota with a I5 they must be smoking some powerful [non-permissible content removed]. I have always been a GM fan but I would rather buy a Dodge Dakota than the Colorado because I could get a V8 engine. Make the 5.3L V8 an option or at lest the 4.2L I6 and then I would consider looking at the Colorado
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    V8 might me in the works for this or the in line 6, because the 5 is just a sawed of version. I've owned a Dodge Dakota, don't make the same mistake I did. I traded that thing in for a Trailblazer. Dakota have nice style, but it was the worst reliable vehicle I was ever owned, tons of electrical probs. If you live in the salt belt I would highly not recommend one.
  • ghislainghislain Posts: 34
    From all the Specs I have seen so far, the Z71 version of the Colorado will come with P265/75-15 tires. Isn't that an odd size tire which is not widely used and will be very costly and hard to find at replacement. It also gives you no choice except to go to smaller tires: I definitely think that GM has to wake up and offer 16" and or 17" rims which would seem to make a lot more sense.
  • kingquad1kingquad1 Posts: 37
    GM will never wakeup! they just like to follow!
  • tpfilmtpfilm Posts: 3
    For all those asking about an SUV version of the new Colorado you only need to look at the Trailblazer. They share front ends, front interior and several other key components. The Trailblazer is just like the Blazer, closely related to it's pick-up cousin. In this case we got the SUV before the pick-up.
    I could be mistaken but I think the Trailblazer is the Colorado SUV.
    I, too, hope that Chevrolet does not overprice the truck. The S-10 and Sonoma are way over priced. For the price of an LS reg. cab you can get a Ranger Extended Cab!
  • tpfilmtpfilm Posts: 3
    Even though Chevy is killing the Tracker: bye, bye... you can get a better deal with the Grand Vitara... will Suzuki not continue the Vitara line? It seems that they should. I see a lot of Vitaras around.
    Of course, the statement that the Librerty and the Freelander are the only small truck like SUVS is a little wrong. You have the: Isuzu Rodeo, Nissan Extera, Nissan Pathfinder, above mentioned Vatara, Toyota FourRunner, Ford Explorer.
  • hoffman9hoffman9 Posts: 2
    I have found several sites on the internet that have indicated that GM and Honda have already or are working on an agreement for Honda to furnish GM with V-6 engines. I can find no specifics but one of the local Honda dealers says that its done and the engines will be available in the new Colorado/Canyon. If true I think it would be a good move on GM's part. I wonder if anyone else has additional info?
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    your getting the new I5 in the colorado, gm just built a new 300+ million dollar plant that is awesome!!!!!to produce this engine, 215 hp
  • hoffman9hoffman9 Posts: 2
    I just find it hard to believe that GM is going to offer a new truck with a choice of only two engines. Look at what's available on the Silverado for example. I will be surprised and disappointed if later at least a 6 is not offered or maybe a V8. The hp/weight ratio with the I4 or I5 (even at 215 -220 hp)on the Colorado isn't too good. My 2cents.....
  • ghislainghislain Posts: 34
    See on page 2 a white Canyon Crew Cab; pretty nice.
    go to
  • ghislainghislain Posts: 34
    GM Canada has finally put something up on their WEB site about the Colorado, please Check URL. o_overview.html
    For a midsize it seems awfully small, especially the overall width at a disappointing 67.8 inches. I have travelled in Nissan Frontier Crew (71.6") and that is none too Wide. It also confirms their poor/lack of tire selection with a 265-75-15 for all the Z71 series
    (a real odd size). Hello GM. there is still time to wake up and smell the coffee.
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