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image2015 Dodge Charger Road Test | Edmunds.com

If you're considering an affordable full-size family sedan, the dramatically revised 2015 Dodge Charger lineup offers an immense amount of variety and several unique attributes, including rear-wheel drive and the option of V8 power.

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  • ttbuyerttbuyer Member Posts: 45
    This car has charisma....an Avalon does not...an Impala or an SS are (on paper) possible competitors, but to me, nothing says "soulless" and "generic" more than the Chevrolet Bowtie.
  • cynic783cynic783 Member Posts: 30
    road test? did you guys even drive it? which one? need an actual Edmunds Track Test with Jacquot
  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445
    As a long time Mopar fan I love the new Dodge Boys commercials. The cars are great BUT, Chrysler cars and trucks routinely end up at the bottom of every reliability survey. After 100 years, why can't they build reliable cars?
  • robmarti25robmarti25 Member Posts: 1
    How come they dont compare this to the German Brands? For the price and the possible specs, why wont this compare to the 3 series, C Class or A4? Is there that big of a difference in terms of quality of interior and drive quality that they dont compare. Price is close? What does everyone else think?
  • pauliecrckpauliecrck Member Posts: 1
    He said Ford Taurus SHO and Chevrolet SS don't stand a chance against either SRT.

    I think the Chevrolet SS has a very good chance at SRT 392 in the hands of an experienced driver. I know the SRT is faster than the SS in acceleration, but the SS is much lighter, and better balanced. It's a close one, with pros probably preferring SS.
  • steevosteevo Member Posts: 389
    Maybe competitive performance wise, but the Chevy SS is one bland boring looking car. Both the Impala and the Malibu look sportier. Only Chevy die hards would even look twice at an SS.
  • jontyreesjontyrees Member Posts: 160
    Kinda relevant - A couple of years ago, Car & Driver track tested three new Police Interceptor contenders - Charger R/T based, Chevy SS based, and SHO based. SHO was so much faster it wasn't even fair. Most likely due to the AWD. Obviously the reviewer mentions the SRTs can't be touched by SS and SHO (not the R/T), but on a track I think SHO might still take it.

    I'd take any of them though.
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