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Mazda Protege Owners: Future Models

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited March 2014 in Mazda

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  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    I wish the orange was just a trick :(
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I'll decide what is in for myself.
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Look at it this way - If the paint job has any orange peel, it will look right at home.

    Linus and I will be waiting in the pumpkin patch this Halloween for one of these to come rising up out of the mist.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    New Mazda 6 Designed to Set New Standard in Global Midsize Vehicle Segment

  • I'm interested to know if anyone out there has details on the 2004 Mazda3 (next gen protege). Here's what I know.

    It will be built on a new platform that will be shared with the Ford Focus. I know that fact will draw lots of moans and groans, but it actually doesn't bother me. The current Focus PLATFORM is a good one and Ford has proved that it can build excellent platforms with the Mondeo and Lincoln LS/Jaguar X-Type.

    The car will use Mazda's new MZR four cylinder engine family, apparently including the 2.3L - which puts out 150HP in NA and 162 HP in Europe. Should make for very good performance if those numbers hold or improve.

    Other than that I know very little, other than the fact that the car will borrow styling cues from the RX-8. Any additional info would be appreciated.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I hear Mazda3s will still be mfr'd in Japan, which bodes well for it (I'd still be wary of the Focus, which I think will carry on the current one's track record of spotty build quality, but we'll see).

    I like the new engine options. Given the 2.3L's specs in the heavier Mazda6, it should be a real kick-in-the-pants in the Mazda3. Plus, not having to hassle with timing belt changes every 60-105k miles will be nice.

    I saw a preview pic of a Procus that someone posted a link to on one of the Protege boards. I'll have to hunt it down.
  • If you can find that link, it would be much appreciated. I've had a devil of a time tracking down any pictures and the ones I've seen are of doudtful authenticity.
  • I am just as interested in the next Protege (Mazda3) as you are because it will be my next car. Please post any sites were you have found pictures or info. Here are some sites of mine.

    This one has commentary.

    This one has an extremely small picture (sketch)

    Click on "323" on this site and the wagon at the top is a next gen Protege wagon (I think)

  • I really appreciate the links you provided. The hatch shown in last link is drop dead gorgeous.

    If that's the next gen Protege then I am very, very excited. I only hope it's accurate. The styling looks very Alfa 146-like (which is, as Martha Stewart would say, a good thing).

    With all the Mazda Protege talk on these boards - one of the busiest threads on Edmunds - I'm very surprised at the almost total lack of talk of the the next gen Protege. I hope this discussion thread heats up a little and that others can offer more insight and hopefully more photos
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    is because there really isn't any detail about it, except that it'll share platforms with Ford and Volvo compact cars.

    besides, people are WAY head over heel on the current generation to even bother thinking about the next gen! :-D
  • Hey, I agree the current edition is great. I'm still getting to know and love my 2002 Mazda Protege5, but my father is part owner of a Mazda dealership and the Protege is our bread and butter car in Canada (currently sitting as the #2 best selling car in Canada, behind the Civic)

    That's why I'm interested in the next gen. Mazda needs to hit a home run with it. If the hatchback in the link above is accurate, I have a feeling that the new car will be a Mickey Mantle 550 foot home run.
  • I had the opportunity to chat with someone who went to special showing of future models that Mazda hosted for dealer principles in New York last Spring and as far as his memory serves the phot is authentic.

    In other words, that is in fact the next gen. Protege5. Very, very impressive looking vehicle.
  • Hey check out this site I just found,

    It is hungarian, and the word across the fuzzed out car means "coming shortly" I think we are looking at the first pic (albiet fuzzy) picture of the Mazda3!
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    looks suspiciously coupe-like, or has midget-sized rear doors. Hope that's only a concept photo/artist's impression. Although it seems to be the same proportions as the hatchback in post #13!
  • I think even that fuzzy picture looks very exciting. Apparently - as my lucky friend who was in New York says - the styling cues fromthe RX-8 are quite strong in the new Mazda3.

    If that's the case, it should bea very good looking car.
  • I sure hope the belt line isn't as high and the glass area as narrow on the production car as it is on the prototype in post #13. That would be a bit claustrophobic! I love the visibility in my 2002 Pro. Also, that rear quarter panel looks a little derivative (a la Pontiac Vibe).
  • Nope, I believe that is the actually car. All the reports say that the car is quite coupe like even though it has four full-size doors. Lots of the styling cues look like that of the wagon shot (roof line, kink in rear window, etc...) Plus this is linked to the official Hungarian Mazda website. I bet it is the real thing, why would they fuzz it out if it wasn't? Do you guys think the 3 will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show?
  • I hate to see Mazda trade the clean, classy styling they've used on the Protege for that. I doubt it will age well!
  • I think the new design is even more classy and looks much more expensive looking which is what Mazda needs if they want to be the Japanese BMW. I love the current Protege but think it is time for a change (plus my lease will be up in 7 months and I want the next generation) All the reports indicate the Mazda3 is going to be a real stunner and I wouldn't argue with that. I see nothing gimmicky in the new design. Only well though out, clean, up scale lines. I can't wait!
  • It's hard to tell from a photo. I may really like it once I see one in person (particularly the sedan). I hope I have the same reaction as I did with the current generation when it first came out. I was coming up on a '99 from the rear and thought it was a Mercedes C class at first! That's when I knew I wanted one!
  • Yeah, I am sure you will! Good point about the current Pro. I too had seen them before I got mine and thought it was some kind of mini Audi or something. To bad that picture I saw was so fuzzy, oh well. Hopefully we will be able to see the real thing at Tokyo!
  • Does anyone know when the Mazda3 will debut. What car show will it be unvieled at? It seems like Tokyo would be the best place because it is a Japanese auto maker.
  • I don't know, but I think Tokyo is a very good bet
  • alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 629
    then I personally believe Mazda is going in the wrong direction! A sedan that looks like a SUV doesn't do it at all for me.

    The 2002 Protege already looks very much like the new Mazda6, so the family appearance is unified.

    And how can the "powers that be" at Mazda even consider changing the Protege name since all the glowing reviews and testimonials over the last few years are found under the heading "Protege" !!!
  • I think Mazda is going in the right direction and at the same time moving upscale. This is what they need to do and make the Rotary the star in its line up. I don't think the Protege looks all that much like that Mazda6 and i believe the name change will do it good. i will be first in line for the new Mazda3. From what I here this car will blow the competition out of the water. Plus, it is really time to change the Protege.
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    if it's for the better, and I think the next generation Protege (aka Mazda3) will be leaps and bounds better than the current generation!
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