Hidden Heated Steering Wheel Button - 2015 Porsche Macan S Long-Term Road Test

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imageHidden Heated Steering Wheel Button - 2015 Porsche Macan S Long-Term Road Test

This update to the Edmunds' long-term 2015 Porsche Macan S discusses the SUV's heated steering wheel and its hidden button.

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  • chol92594chol92594 Member Posts: 208
    Normally Porsche does interiors pretty well, but that's got to be one of the weirdest places for any sort of button on a steering wheel. Also, since most of the wheel is carbon fiber, I have to question the usefulness of a heated steering wheel in this case, unless the carbon fiber heats up too.
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    Wouldn't one simple button on the climate control panel be a better place to put the button?
  • juddholl10juddholl10 Member Posts: 84
    It's a clever way to "save" space. I like it. Once you figure out where it is, you never forget.
  • legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599
    It looks like it's not only hidden but it's hidden in a spot that you are likely to touch accidentally as you turn the wheel. Silly design, especially when Porsche isn't shy about loading up the rest of the interior with buttons. This could easily be another button on the dash, console, front of the wheel, etc.
  • jchen368jchen368 Member Posts: 10
    For the first few months, I accidentally activated it 4-5 times total. However, since then I've gotten used to it and know where it is so it doesn't happen.

    I actually think its a really good place to put it because I don't have to take my hands off the wheel to turn it on. Funny enough, this was a feature I didn't think I needed in California (but I got it anyways because I bought someone else's build). Now that it is December, I find myself using it 60-70% of the time. It's a great feature!
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