2003 Dodge Viper Sport Convertible

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the current Viper isn't fast enough, Dodge made the new Viper even faster!


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    I think it's also uglier. Guess you can't have everything. I can't wait until Mr. Hennessey get his hands on it. Can you say "More Power!" and Torque, and money.
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    I'm probably in the minority who thinks it looks better. Everyone seems to dislike the new style. I think it looks great. If I were buying one, I'd wait for the fixed roof GTS model, though. I'm not a big fan of convertibles.
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    WHen I look at the current viper I say to myself damn that looks good, and just from its great looks I know it's the best (same feeling I get when I look at the Hummer). I just don't get that feeling when looking at the 03. Actually I think the 03 looks like a bigger version of the honda s2000.
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    Looks great to me. I saw a prototype in Rockefeller Center a few years ago and thought at the time "it almost looks like a Ferrari."

    Wish they'd offer some interesting colors, although I know this is supposed to be a basic, no-frills American hotrod.
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    ...until now that is. This is one good-looking roadster. I always thought the old viper looked like an elephant had sat on it.
    I saw the new one and this is the first time I find myself wanting a viper.
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    I liked the old, and I like pictures of the new one. Will be interesting to see the '03 in person though; I haven't been to the auto shows.

    I think the main advantage of the new one besides the obvious - "500" are the driveability and light techno additions.

    Now I just have to wait a few years so I can afford a used one.
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    having long been a jaguar man, i gave a thought, and followed upon the same, to getting into a viper. last month i took the financial plunge. still have the jag but have to admit that the 2002 rt/10 has something delightfully evil about its brute force and honest to say, lack of refinement.

    as for the 2003, i agree with a former post that it's heading in a more civilized (generic ? s2000-ish) direction. and to be honest, i'm not sure i like the change. rather like comparing a 61 xke to a modern xk though i'm assuming that the 2003 viper hasn't become *that* civilized. i am assuming that from an engineering point of view, it's possibly more aerodynamic, though i can offer no data. maybe it's even easier to get in and out of. and god forbid, dodge improved quality of the interior. still the exterior, in my opinion, has been sacrificed. Audacity (one man's art is another man's ...), performance and power are what this car should represent. In the 2003, the art has been Helms-ized (R-NC) & Lexus-ized (J-ZaiBatsu).

    i'll no doubt check out the 2003 but plan on holding onto the gem i've acquired until my last breath has been drawn. minds have been known to change and since i've yet to see the newer model first hand, i'll hold final judgements until then.

    any 2003 owners out there? hope i haven't offended you, just stating thoughts based on photos alone. looking forward to your input.

    best wishes to all!

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    Also wish it had more color choice. Is Silver available? Dark Blue? Pewter?

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    I've read a lot of criticism in the magazines and I don't understand it...I think the new Viper looks fantastic. They also needed to make this a car you could live with, and the '03 looks like it fits the bill.
    I would hope, however, that the build quality is better than the last Chrysler product I owned.
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    They said originally that the Viper had a top speed of 220 mph, once produced. Now dodge only claims 190, but still reminds everyone that it has a 220-mph speedo. What gives?
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    Hey guys I just bought a 2000 Viper Venom 800tt from an idiot in texas for 80 grand, the thing is amazing.

    I reccomend to anybody who has dreams of flying to get this beast, Ive gone 170 on highway already and it feels a lot better then a roller coaster!!!!
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    I just bought a 94 RT10 and had a question regarding the gear shuft mechanism. Let me preface the question w/ the statement that I know very little about these beasts but always wanted one, so I got one. When I shift from gear to gear there is a definite "stop (for lack of a better term)" between gears. I would have expected it to be much more smooth. Is this a normal thing for Vipers or is this something that should be checked? A buddy of mine said he didn't think it was right but he had never been in one before so wasn't sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    190 for a soft top is very fast, my guess is that the GTS version will top out near 220. ~220 for a pure stock street legal car, DMAN!!!
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    I would say that 80% of the current Generation 1 & 2 owners don't like the styling of the SRT-10. It is a refined and compromised version of the old car (with a Japanese flair to it... it was designed by the same guy that did the Toyota Camry). Everything about says compromise.

    I'll keep my '96 GTS Coupe.

  • h1vch1vc Member Posts: 295
    Really? Do you have a pic or article on the designer? How in the world does someone go from designing a camry to THE VIPER?!
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