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2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe: Track Day Videos


  • opfreakopfreak Posts: 106
    nice. what mounts do you use for the go pro?
  • Thanks for the post and video. I will say, though, that while I have no experience racing any vehicle on a track, I'd imagine that it'd get pretty costly to track your $103,000 Jag. To me, if I had that kind of money, I'd get a track-specific car that was designed for that purpose and that purpose only and get a truck and trailer to transport it. Get a common track wheel size and use track tires and find a vehicle where parts are easily attainable. Here, you'd not only burn through those expensive tires, but you'll accelerate the Jag's questionable reliability and will have sticker shock when your dealer won't repair it under warranty because its been tracked.
  • @kirkhilles1: I don't know, I could repair a lot of things on the Jaguar for quite a while for the cost of a track specific car, trailer, and truck to pull it...
  • donszr1donszr1 Posts: 12
    Not to mention the nuisance of storing all that and the drudgery of driving it to and from the track.
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