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Pontiac Grand Prix 2004 Redesign Questions & Comments

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited March 2014 in Pontiac
Talk with Ed Hellwig, Edmund's Future Vehicles expert about the redesigned Pontiac Grand Prix.


  • nickpernickper Posts: 28
    It seems that the new Grand Prix is being built off of the current Bonneville (large car) platform. Is this true? I like the design including the rear end. The interior doesn't look sporty enough, but rather lux wannabe in the pics I have seen. The pics show light tan/white leather. The interior also looks like somewhat Bonneville holdover.
  • machiavellimachiavelli Posts: 260
    From what I've read, the new 2004 GP is based on the same platform as the current GP, not the Bonneville.
  • gtpguygtpguy Posts: 2
    In this site I've read that there are gonna be 19" wheels?!?! They put only as big as 17" on the new Caddy CTS but 19's on a G/P? I don't think GM has the balls for that. (by the way 18" rims and wider 255 series tires make my 2000 GTP's handling noticeably better.)
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    The current GP's interior is AWFUL. Hopefully they will make it at least as good as Oldsmobile's.
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Oldsmobile is a step up from Pontiac because of interior quality and ergonomics.
  • Does this come in black?
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Saw some photos of the new GP, nice looking rig, interior much cleaned up. As for Olds I read that they'll only offer the V-8 Aurora, Alero, Silhouette and Bravada in 2003. The Intrigue engine won't pass the new low emissions stds.

    What really has me waiting in the new GTO due for release late 2003
  • I had been holding my breath hoping that Pontiac would give us the redesign for 2003, as well as a drop-top Solstice to go along with it---however, we just ordered our limited eddition 2003 GTP for (hopefully) October delivery. Oh well, at least it should retain high trade-in when... by the way we ordered our 97 GTP the very first week they could be ordered, dealer didn't even have pictures...122,000 miles later, still strong as an ox
  • I am currently leasing a Bonneville and had a Grand Prix before. I like the Bonnevile, but I love the Grand Prix and can't wait to try out the new 2004 model.
  • In 1962 Pontiac introduced the first Grand Prix--a coupe. Now after 40 years, the coupe is history! Score another bone-headed move for the GM hierarchy!
    There are those of us in the buying public who want and need a two-door car for ease of entry and exit; who prefer the lines of a two-door to the extra set of handles dis-gracing the sides of a car with doors we seldom use. The whole world does not transport kids, grandkids, or car pools. It's about time the car companies, GM in particular, start remembering the traditions that were started when a car was a vital part of a person's life and coupes were the answer to sport driving without having to mortgage the home and the kids to afford one. Bring back the GP coupe!!
  • I work at the G.M Oshawa Ontario plant, and today a lightly disguised, new GP drove by me.
    Yawn, Pontiac may have built excitement in the past, but this aint it.
    But please bu them, my livelyhood depends on it.

  • So there will be no Coupe in 2004?? So much for the new Grand Prix I was going to purchase.... GPCoupeman is right.... Not everyone wants a 4-door car to haul around the rugrats. I refuse to buy a 4-door, at least until I'm 65 or have a houseful of kids.

    Too bad, my 1998 GTP is my favorite car yet (I've had 8 new cars thus far). I was going to trade this one in for the 2004 GTP Comp G.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    hey it still looks like a coupe. Think of it as a 4-door coupe.
  • I agree, it's nuts that GM has cancelled the Grand Prix coupe. While the sales of other coupes has been less than stellar lately, my perception is that the GP coupe has continued to sell well. I have a '98 GTP coupe; while the sedan looks good, for a sedan, I didn't even consider it. And yes, I have two children, but they're agile, and have no trouble climbing in back, even on a 5000 mile vacation last summer.

    My dad just purchased his first sedan - at age 80! And, that was only because he has been a Buick man for 50 years, and there are no Buick coupes. He always said a sedan was "old man's car"; even at 80, he is not ready yet to be an "old man"! Just shows there is still a market out there, if the design and price are right.

    I was considering purchasing the redesigned Grand Prix, but with no coupe, no way. Guess I'll look at the new GTO when it arrives, even though it promises to be more expensive, and not built here in the USA.
  • Looks like I am the only one (out of all these 17 messages I have read so far) who have seen the car in person at the Auto Show last year. I just love the car b/c of the way it looks. Anyone who has seen the car at the Auto Show the one and only thing I heard is I GOTTA GET ONE OF THIS. Though I am not say that I will definitely get this car but I am currently doing a personal survey of Infiniti G35 Coupe, Lexus IS 300, BMW 330i, and Pontiac GP. I am doing this survey to make sure that the car I will get next will be almost perfect not just by look but mostly its performance. I can tell you this so far looks like I will go w/ GP but if the price goes over $32K for this car; I might change my mind. Anyone want to see the survey can e-mail me at
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    The car you saw in person at the auto show was NOT the 2004 Grand Prix. It was, rather, a concept car.

    So not only are you not the only person here who has seen it, you haven't seen it, either! :)

    It has been said that 80 percent of the concept car made it into the production model Grand Prix. I guess we will see soon, as in February. An auto show debut is expected in January.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    there are pics available at the GM website listed above. You can see what the production car looks like.
  • i heard 2004 gp due to arrive in showrooms in spring 2003 does anyone know that for sure thanks
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    Thanks, ruski, for the links to those sites. That's a lot of new info I am seeing for the first time. Can't wait to see it up close at the Auto Show here in Chicago in February.

    I love the wheels and athletic stance. Also, the folddown seats are a huge plus. I'm not sure if I like the interior that much, though. Maybe it needs to grow on me.
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    Anyone know if dealers have brochures for the 2004 GP yet? I'd like to see the various options, color selections, and rim choices. Boy, I hope they offer the Bose system. I also wonder what the base prices will be.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    These days brochures usually arrive long AFTER the actual cars do...
  • I have owned an 89 grand prix, a 93 bonneville sse (still a beautiful car) and a 01 bonneville. I've waited for Pontiac to build a grand prix this powerful for a long time. Unfortunately its close but no cigar. Where is the stick shift?? Where is the coupe?? Where is the center console that doesn't look like it was molded out of lego blocks? This 2004 grand prix looks good but it won't get my dollars as it is now.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    From what it looks like to me Pontiac will be bringing the GTO over to fill the gap with coupe and the GTO will have a six speed. Overall sales of the coupe GP were fairly low and I'm guessing the General decided offering then GTO would further take sales from the GP so they dropped the GP coupe.
  • gmfan007gmfan007 Medford, ORPosts: 77
    I like the size and price range of the GP and GTO. But, I want a front drive coupe. You have to go to a smaller, cheaper looking coupe anymore.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    Honda Accord Coupe is still around
    or Acura CL, or CL-S
  • I have been a long time fan of the GP.
    This car is (not) a GP!
    This car is a GM chop job. Chop the front off of a Bonneville. Chop the body from a Alero. chop the rear end off of a Sunfire. Mix them all together and you get one ugly GP.:(
  • suzydsuzyd Posts: 1
    I have been wanting to get a GP for a long time - but figured a redesign would be coming soon. This is great!! I'll be looking for my silver GP as soon as they hit the market. Can't wait!
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