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Chrysler 200

hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
edited November 2014 in Chrysler
The new Chrysler 200 seems to be a huge improvement over the previous generation. It's close to being class-leading, but from what I've read the calibration on the ZF sourced 9-speed V6 automatic, and front seats that are uncomfortable for some drivers, are drawbacks. These shouldn't be difficult deficiencies to fix. The 4-cylinder seems to be more competitive.

Chrysler has hit a tripple with the 2015 200, but with a little tweaking the 2016 could be a home run. Regardless, the new 200 is selling well to retail customers, which will probably mean they'l be less common in rental car fleets.

For budget buyers there are a lot of used 200s and Dodge Avengers available at affordable prices. Like many of you, I assume, I've rented Avengers and Sebrings/200s, and except for their poor fuel economy, compared to the competition, didn't think they were as bad as the car mags made them out to be.

Will the Dart become Fiat-Chrysler's new rental darling?


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