Cadillac CTSi for 2004

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Due out Summer of 2003 - worth the wait?


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    The CTSi will provide a direction for Cadillac if nothing else. It makes a statement, whether the car sells a lot or not may not be as important as the statement it makes. Look at the M3 or M5 which sell in very low volumes, but add to the BMW aura. Would BMW's still be perceived as BMW's without the M cars? As great as they are, I do not think they would be. If Lutz can just make sure it is right, he will bring back the desirable Cadillac (poster material) that they so need, combined with the XLR and possibly Cien Cadillacs will be talked about again (in a good way).
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    I hope it will be worth the wait. I turn in my '99 STS of lease next weekend and have to "sit out" the new car thing for a while. The CTSi should be available by the time I get back in the game. Will definitely consider one at that time, and probably the SRX too.

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    This car will be very interesting and should offer incredible bang for the buck compared to an M car. I'm not sure how they will keep the weight distribution as it is on the V6 right now.

    However good the car is, don't hold your breath for it to be acknowledged by the automotive press or the import buyers (redundant?). It will never happen. It's like waiting for Phil Donohue to give W praise or Limbaugh to praise liberal Democrats. Not going to happen. No matter how the car performs as can be actually measured, it will still not "feel" right. It will be beat up with the subjective stuff like:

    - Steering column not to their liking (oh boy, I'm always concerned about that)

    - Steering wheel too fat.

    - Seats to fat and squishy (in other words comfortable - you can drive 3 hrs to grandma's and not be beat up - I know get a crown vic for that, but hey, I don't have 4 car garage)

    - The shifting won't be to their liking either.

    - and their favorite: Cheap feeling interior materials and plastic.

    It should be a great car, but cars are taken so personally by many (that's sad really) that any objectivity will be rare (on both side really I guess).
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    I tend to agree with garnes in post #4. If they keep the price under $50K and deliver 350+ hp, it should be a relative bargain compared to the C32 AMG or the M3, however I doubt 'import buyers' will be falling all over themselves to buy one.
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    The CTSi has been spied! There's a pic in Autoweek, August 5th, page 4. 15-spoke wheels on extremely low profile tires. Its got a new grill, (I like it better than the current one) and a larger air inlet which also looks better. I would say that the whole front end looks more XLR-like than it did before. It says it will only come with a manual. Also the sides on the car looks a little different, although it may just be the picture. I'd say it looks much better than the current car although I think the current car looks great.
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    I rarely post (usually lurk) but I must say that if Caddy pulls this off with the CTSi, I'll definitely look at trading the new M5 (well, had it since February of this year) that I absolutely love.

    Primarily because the M5's payments are friggin' *killin'* me! :)

    Anyone know if Caddy may be looking at raising hp levels to approximately 400 or so?

    That'd kick!
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    There is a debate as to what level of HP they will generate (350 to 400) are the current rumours. The engine will either be the LS1, but more likely the LS6 out of the Z06.
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    Now *that* would be sweet...the Z06, I mean.
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    I would think that the CTSi would get the LS6 engine, but probally a detuned version making 395-400hp (so it won't have quite as much hp as the ZO6, and that would also make it have more than the GTO (350).
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    By the way does anyone have anyone spy photos of the 2005 STS? I would like to see what they look like compared to the CTS, since it will probally start at about 36K, the word is it will have a standard V6, a V8 a turbo V8 and a V12. If you have any info about the engines I'd like to know.

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    Because that's the only way these sleds will sell in two years!
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    The CTS is a possible buy for us when the 2004 is out with a bigger V6, 240 HP. But since the CTS does not have a full set of analog gauges (as the CATERA had), and NO TEMP GAUGE but instead a stupid clock, for you current owners how is a high temp warning indicated? Is there an red idiot light that comes on and/or does the drive information center screen provide this info? The Cadillac sales people had no answer.
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    lousif, I believe that you wont have to worry about that since it's rumored that the new CTS will have a complete set of gauges. But if you really would like to know about the 2003 CTS if I remenber correctly a red idiot light came on!
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    The exterior stying is starting to grow on me, but for Pete's sake, lets hope they give the 2004 a classier interior.

    If I wanted that cheapo interior, I'd buy another Pontiac.

    You can spend $35K on a Lexus ES300 and you get an absolutely gorgeous interior. Why can't Cadillac do the same with the CTS?
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    Lexus ES300 and CTS are going after two completely different markets. The Lexus IS300 would be the Lexus competitor to the CTS. The CTS is a sports sedan, the ES300 is purely a lower budget luxury sedan with a "soft" character.

    Compare the interiors of the IS300 and the CTS. That's what you should be comparing.

    The ES300 is out there on it's own for people looking for a step up from the top-end Camry.
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    Well I am coming into this a little late. However I have read everyone's comments. So here are my comments back to everyone. I am currently a Catera owner and have been for several years now. My first Catera was a 98 and I said I would never buy another one because of all the problems, then in 2001 I traded that in and bought a 2001 Catera Sport, and I love it. I don't think the Catera got the support it needed. Other than power issue the car is great. Now onto the CTS. The CTS is a great car, and I would have to admit I would buy the current one over a BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, or MB. I would rather see a different engine in the base model. I have heard that the CTSi (v series) will have the LS1 engine with about 320-350hps, this is the engine that was in the TA. For 2004 I beleive they are going to replace the existing engine with the long lasting 3800 that is found in the GP and Bonneville.
    As for the interior, it could use some refining, however its GM, their good but sometimes not that good. But over all I like the interior. Test drove the Infiniti G35, and you want to talk about plastic dash. That car is a moving plastic factory. And I agree with others when they said No matter what Cadillac will not get the praise it deserves, but I think they are pretty much use to that.

    Message for Lousif-- The temp gauge for the CTS is in the information display and you can view battery level, temp, tire pressure, and a variety of other things, just have to figure out where they are and how to display them. And I agree they could have dropped the clock and did something different.
    Exterior - Very sleek and distinct. Test driving the CTS got a lot of looks, and people wanted to know what it was, and when I said Cadillac, they were amazed. So if you want a head turner the CTS is it. Unlike the rest that all look alike

    Sorry for this long posting. But just wanted my two cents in. Over all I think Cadillac is on a roll, and the future looks real bright for them. So BMW, MB, and Lexus better watch out. PS. A manumatic tranny will be offered next year, I belive it is the one they are now using in the 2003 Saab 93.
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    The new engine will have 255-260 hp, not 240 as someone mentioned. there is info about the engine on the GM powertrain website. The CTSv will have between 350-400 but no one seems to know for sure what the numbers will be. I dont think the car will cost more than $50K because they will want to maintain a price advantage over the M3. This car will have so much more torque than the M3 that it will really be closer to the M5 in terms of power.

    The car will not get the props it deserves, and the same goes for the XLR. If its from GM the mags will not give it a fair shake. But, that shouldnt stop people from buying the car.
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    I agree with you there. And yes you are correct about the new V-6. I was out looking after I submitted my posting and I noticed that they did tweek the 3800 to 250hp and 260hp with supercharger.

    My best guess for the CTS V series price would be starting about 42K and if they offer navi it would take it up to about 45K.

    I would say take a Saturday and drive a BMW then drive a CTS. Other than not having the autostick I would much rather have a CTS

    The CTS is comparable to the 5 series BMW according to interior room. And as for torque. i think GM is known for packing a punch in their cars. I know how the TA is, and if the V series is tuned anything like the TA, then BMW will have a run for their money
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    Car and Driver has reported that the CTSv will be priced "like a well appointed M3". That's north of $50K.
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    C&D has no idea how much the car will cost. they are guessing. They always have a lot of false advance info in that magazine.


    The CTS is not getting the 3800, it is getting a new 3.6 24V engine next year. There are no superchargers on this engine.
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    a well appointed M3 with the SMG trans pushes 60K now....the convertible about 65K
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    You have to seriously load out an M3 to get to $60K. From a performance standpoint you're better off skipping the (heavy) moonroof, for one.

    "M3 convertible" is a bit of an oxymoron - the thing is one heavy pig-boat.

    As for the CTSi/CTS-V, I think it's a great idea but don't think it'd attract many potential M3 buyers. It'll attract (a) people who are still mad GM canceled the Impala SS and (b) would-be M5/E55 buyers who can't swing the price for a new one, and maybe (c) some of the chrome-wheel Cadillac-bling-bling crowd.
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    I was surprised to see the comment by LousF who does not have a temperature gauge. Mine does in place of the clock. The owners manual shows the clock but my base model has a temperature gauge. On the other hand, I do not seem to find the tire pressure in the information display menu.
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    The switch from to a temp gauge from a clock on the dash happened only recently. If your CTS was built in the last month or so, most likely you have the new dash cluster.
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    I test drove a 2004 CTS last night. 6 cylinder! Nice car. I will wait for the dealers to get full specs on 2004 to see if I will purchase an Automatic Transmission @ 255hp. The dealer told me that the manual transmission will still only be 220hp. I also tested a 2003 with Sport Luxury package. I am more interested in the 2004 with more horsepower!
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