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imageNorthern California Road Trip Part 2 - 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Long-Term Road Test

After 450 miles in our long-term 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, things were going well, but the two hardest days of my road trip were yet to come.

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  • ebeaudoinebeaudoin NE IllinoisMember Posts: 509
    Wow, that is very cool! 27.9 MPG in a full-size pickup. The 700.1 miles/tank is truly astounding; that's big rig/dual-tank type stuff!
  • kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Member Posts: 863
    I thought you guys were out of DEF fluid? Why still no mention of it. It really needs to be included in all MPG calculations.
  • misterfusionmisterfusion Member Posts: 471
    DEF is not fuel, and the DEF refills are infrequent, so I would leave it out of MPG calculations. I would treat it no differently from oil -- i.e., it is an occasional expense that should be factored into the overall cost of ownership. Just think of all the BMW posts where Edmunds said, "The oil indicator was low, so we added a quart this week."
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
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    DEF is not fuel, but it's use is tied to the combustion of fuel, while oil is not. I think the cost of DEF should be accounted with fuel, while oil is a maintenance expense.
  • joekingjrjoekingjr Member Posts: 1
    DEF is not tied to the combustion of is Diesel EXHAUST helps burn off exhaust so the emissions coming out of the exhaust are cleaner. It does not mix with the diesel fuel at all. Please people do some research before commenting.
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