Dodge Ram Pickups 2500 & 3500 for 2003


  • charlestonccharlestonc Member Posts: 1
    The 2003 Dodge Ram 1500s are already on the street. Can anyone tell me when are we going to see the 2003 Dodge Ram 2500? I want one with the 5.7L engine. As soon as they hit the street I'm buying.
  • trkdrvrtrkdrvr Member Posts: 1
    The new 2003 2500's hemi looks good. Anyone know (or care) what kind of gas mileage it gets?
  • jackal4464jackal4464 Member Posts: 8
    Well I have to say that I am a fan of the hemi of old, but from what I have seen and heard from other people is that the new hemi's aren't all that they are cracked up to be......I have heard that the hp comes in at like 5400RPM and the torque is somewhere at like 3200RPM. If you were to go on this then the motor would not last very long if you had the engine up at those RPM's, I have just went and ordered me a 3500 dually with the HO Cummins, for what I need the truck for, the diesel looks like a better deal for the money, and since the motor is under warranty for 100k that makes it even better.

    All I would like to know is if since they redesigned the braking system on the new trucks is if the new front rotors still have the pressed bearing on the rotor housing, which is a dealer item only, and dodge really makes you pay for those rotors...I asked the dealer and they were not able to tell me. Even if they still have the same rotors on the truck I really don't think it will make a difference I am sure that I will love this one as much as the one that it is replacing.

  • biker9biker9 Member Posts: 2
    Local dealer let me play with his new demo truck!
    SB 5.7L 4x4 SLT Sport with every bell and whistle known to man.
    Absolutely awesome, kick you in the [non-permissible content removed] power. Cool exhaust noise.
    Better fit and finish than my '98.
    Hood slope is disconcerting though- no way I can see as much of the front edge as I can in old model, even with the seat cranked to top.
    I think I won't get one this year though.
    Dealer told me that in several hundred miles he hasn't seen greater than 10mpg on the monitor. I'm also a bit put off with the new extended cab. It infringes on the bed by 3+ inches in the SB model and adds inches to the OAL in the full size model. One of my issues with current unit (3500 24V dually) is the "walk around space" in my garage.
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    does anyone know of an aftermarket source for Dodge trucks? I want the flat-floor option on my new 2003 2500 but dealer wants $700 for a small piece of metal.
  • darbonnedarbonne Member Posts: 3
  • darbonnedarbonne Member Posts: 3
    Motortrend just claimed the 2500 and 3500 Series Dodge trucks as truck of the year for 2003. I only have one question. If the deisel has 550 ft lbs of torque linked to a transfer case in the 4low position then put in first gear which is a granny, What is the output torque to the rear wheels?
  • darbonnedarbonne Member Posts: 3
    The best place to get rear decks in any configuration you would like is a company called UTEC in Lafayette, LA. Good quality and quick turnout.
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    Darbonne, I think what Rskallerud was referring to is not a flatbed taking the place of the pickup bed, but instead the steel loadfloor below the rear seats that comes in the new Ram Quadcab - I use mine all the time and am darned glad it came with it - I've heard stories of dealers charging $1k plus installation! That said, I'd say go looking on EBay first - I've seen one already.
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    I have a Black 03 3500 Dually 4X4, There is a major problem with the dually fenders. When the vehicle is in the sun, the fenders actually shrink and slide down the side of the truck approx. 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch, gradually wearing through the clear coat and leaving a scratches in the finish. I've been working with my dealer to investigate, but haven't heard a fix to it yet. On the dealer's lot, all(9)of the 3500 dually were experiencing the same problems. Once the fender cools, it sucks back up. If anyone out there is having the same problems let me know, it really looks trashy on a 40k+ truck to have a white scrapes visible on top of your fenders. Please email [email protected] if your having problems.
  • bluegrass1bluegrass1 Member Posts: 50
    Where can I find discussions on the new 2003/2004 Dodge diesels.
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    Best places are the dedicated Dodge diesel truck sites. There's the TurboDieselRegister and one other major one (don't want to mess with Edmund's TOS by posting URL's) - just Google them. There's also a very nice Dodge Truck mailing list (for both diesels and gassers) - KCRam (one of the moderators here) helps run it. Ask him about DiRT sometime.
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    I plan to purchase a 2004 Dodge 3500, 2 wheel drive cab and chassis, regular cab dually, 5.9 HO diesel, with the 3.73 axle, will install an 8' service body and load out at approx. 3700 lbs, max trailer load not over 5000 lbs.,I live in the foot hills of South Carolina, 65% urban driving. For best mileage and transmission reliability is the 6 speed a better choice than the auto? Pros and cons, any thoughts will be greatly appreciated
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    I own the 6-speed, but haven't heard of any particular problems with the new 48re automatic on the HO Ram. That said, I think your choice comes down to personal driving preference more than anything. Do you not enjoying rowing gears? Drive in stop-and-go traffic a lot? Have a bum knee in your left leg? A wife who might drive it but doesn't drive stick? Use a cellphone will driving? These are all reasons to get an automatic. The stick will give you better control and MIGHT be more reliable over the long haul, and (IMHO) is a lot more fun to drive. It's up to you!
  • graywolf7graywolf7 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Loncray. Actually there is nothing I dislike about a manual. My personal thought is I can maintain the proper rpm better with one to stay in the optimum torque curve for better fuel efficency. But, I know I could be in error also and as this will be a vehicle I live in and depend on, reliablity is the foremost concern.
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    I know what you mean about reliability. The weak point in the Cummins Ram for years has been the automatic transmission. Dunno if Chrysler just couldn't build a decent tranny, or if they just underestimated the power in the diesel, or what. I know that when the newest HO CTD came out you flat couldn't get an auto behind it - only with the lesser SO engine. I think (hope!) that the new 48re tranny has solved Dodge's former problems and will be fine even behind the mighty Cummins. I haven't heard of many problems with it yet - only time will tell. The 6-speed manual is about as bulletproof a transmission as you'll find in a pickup truck.
  • bluegrass1bluegrass1 Member Posts: 50
    I'm looking for information from anyone who owns the new HO Cummins with their new automatic tranny. I know at first you coulndnt get the HO with an automatic. I hope that was because Dodge was beefing up the new tranny.
    Thanks for any inputs on this. Also, has anyone had problems with the new HO engines?
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    You couldn't get the HO with the auto 'cause they hadn't finished designing and testing it yet. From everything I've read, they seem to have done it right - no particular problems. As to the HO engine itself, I've read here and there about folks with problems - I think the head gasket has been mentioned once or twice, but nowhere near the number of times I've read about the Ford 6.0L Powerstroke problems. For myself, the HO Cummins engine has been flawless, as has the truck around it excepting only the clearance lamp leaks (now fixed). Remember that most of the Cummins engine has been around for years now - they didn't change a huge amount aside from the fueling system to build this engine.
  • bluegrass1bluegrass1 Member Posts: 50
    I just purchased mine. Hope it works ok. I got lots of confidence in the engine but worry about the tranny. I hope they beafed it up enough. I think they are working on their new one to compete with ford and chevy. I hope they put enough into the 48re instead of just a bandade until they get the new one out on the market.
  • loncrayloncray Member Posts: 301
    Bluegrass, I think you'll love your truck. My experience has been about 99% positive - and I've had no problems whatsoever with the drivetrain. Even on cold days it starts right up, there's been no major problems (at 14 months) and I still get a big smile everytime I push the go pedal. I think the 48re will be just fine, even with the new '600' Cummins engine. I still haven't heard anything bad about it (though I've heard grumblings about GM's Alison tranny having problems), even attached to the big Cummins.
  • millwrightmillwright Member Posts: 1
    I bought a new 2003 H.O. cummins SWB 4x4 with 6 speed manual trans, quad cab. I noticed a howling noise starting about 1700 - 2000 miles. It gradually gets louder. I am on the second rearend. This is the 3.73 ratio
    Has anyone else experienced this problem??
  • mettechmettech Member Posts: 28
    W/13000 miles on my hemi 2500.. No problems.. None at all.. Best truck I've every owned.. Wish I could say the same about my 03, Merc Sable...
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