2010 Chevy Malibu stalling

triste3triste3 Member Posts: 1
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In May i bought a 2010 Malibu with 35000 mile son it. after driving for a month car stopped in the middle of the road and lost power.Anti theft lock symbol is in the dashboard and steering power was out and also said low fuel when i just filled the tank. took it to the mechanic and couldn't find problem after 2 month of having the car in their possesion.They discover that the car need it a new computer after putting three computer to sync. because GM doesn't warranty after it leaves the shop.
Now the car we under 38000 miles and almost 1,000 after car did it again it wont start loses power while i'm driving. this is a major safety concern specially when im driving with my family. i think GM this to rienburst our money or fix this issues.or are they waiting for some one to died and them take action or a lawsuit comes their way.Can anyone help me or guide me to fix this issue and i dont get kill while trying to fix.. let see what the dealership comes up this time and empty my pockets again.
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