Emissions Test: Car vs. Truck vs. Leaf Blower

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imageEmissions Test: Car vs. Truck vs. Leaf Blower

Edmunds.com conducts an Emissions Test of the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Crew Cab, 2012 Fiat 500 and Leaf Blowers.

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  • tridoc927tridoc927 Member Posts: 1
    I'm so glad I bought an electric leaf blower!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
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    My manual rake works fine, doesn't raise much dust and doesn't disturb the neighbors. :p
  • brixtonbrixton Member Posts: 1
    another reason to hate those noisy @#$% leaf blowers. Also, way to go car makers!
  • luke_mjluke_mj Member Posts: 1
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    Tremendous article and research, Edmunds, thank you. Our organization references it frequently when consulting our clients. With respect, let me add that as alarming as these numbers are, they don't include the key factor of CO2. This is not the fault of Edmunds. Despite CO2 being the major human contributor to global warming and climate change, the EPA simply hasn't yet fully addressed the issue of CO2 emissions from SOREs (small off-road gas engines). Since the EPA doesn't measure it, there's no CO2 regulation for the manufacturers, and therefore, all the research and evidence about how hazardous gas lawn and garden equipment is still doesn't include this critical pollutant. So, how much CO2 comes out of these machines? Well, our partner and science advisor Dr. Jamie Banks, PhD co-authored an authoritative study (https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-09/documents/banks.pdf) which indicates that a full 76% of the pollutants from SOREs are CO2! That means the jaw dropping Edmunds findings above are only a quarter of the full story. For more information about gas emissions in the lawn and garden industry, and advice about how to transition to cleaner, quieter, healthier, zero-emission battery electric tools, check out http://www.AGZA.net. Peace.
  • ykphilykphil Yellowknife NWTMember Posts: 1
    I am so glad I live in a truck camper sitting on top of my F350 diesel. No leaf blower needed ;)
  • H_PH_P Member Posts: 1
    Very interesting, and it shows that it’s high time to get these tools „off the road“!
    This also shows that the classical gardener crew could get the job done with electric blowers that are being powered by an inverter running off the car battery, and/or by batteries charged by same.
    In most cases though: manual raking is just as fast!
    The article is from 2014, and nothing has happened....!!!! Sad!
    “It's only in the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) — not yet directly regulated by EPA or CARB — where the Raptor is the higher emitter.“
    Well, the „only“ part here is widely misleading! How much gas was used by the various test subjects?
    That equates directly to CO2 output.
    Which is extremely relevant too. Don’t walk away from this article thinking that it’s just fine to drive huge trucks!
    Just don’t use leaf blowers....
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