Starting Problem

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I have 2000 Dakota Quad cab 4X4 , Auto, A/C V8, with 125000 and has one problem that no one can figure out.
It will quit running and stop in the middle of the highway and fails to restart but at time it will restart. I can get in on a cold morning and it will crank over but not start. If you wait till it warms up it will start. Everything else in the truck works. Horn, lights, radio, windows, security, turn signals etc. The only thing that does not function is the gas gage. If the gage stays on empty in will always crank over but not start. I have OBD scanner and never got code. Have had it to Dodge and they will baffled and couldn't give me an answer. I replaced the CPU twice and made no difference. It stops when it wants to and starts when it feels like it. It may run 50 feet and stop or fifty miles and stop. There is no rhyme or reason or pattern behind what it does.
Has anyone ever had similar problem or know the reason for this. I have tried disconnect negative cable and held key on for 20 seconds and someone else mentioned crank sensor (don't know how to check or where it's located. Like I said the only clue is the gas gage not functioning and that has always been problem if it isn't going to start. If the gas gage jumps up when I go to start it I know it will start.
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