Hitting the right Note?

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About 53,000 miles on our 2014 Note and I figure it's time to recap how things have gone so far.

Our Note is our first non-manual tranny vehicle since 1979, and our first experience with a CVT. It's been a little of an adjustment to the feel of the CVT since there aren't any shift points.While I might still prefer a manual, I'm not complaining about the mileage we're getting either, averaging about 39.9 (gotta love those on board computers) in mixed driving. I love how cruise control behaves with the CVT. No surges like you can get when you start going uphill and a standard automatic has to switch gears. The CVT just slides around, RPMs rise or fall, but speed stays constant.

Part of that better mileage (compared to my 2012 Versa) is that the car is a little lower, a touch narrower, and a little more aerodynamically shaped. The windshield is really raked and long. Still, plenty of room inside front and back though, and we never feel cramped, unless we're fitting in a third person in the back seat.

A touch less cargo width in the hatch as my hard shell guitar case will not fit sideways like it does in my Versa.

Putting the snow tires on tomorrow anticipating another real winter.

Back up camera is nice, even though I don't rely on it too much.

We really love it... then again, it is our 14th Datsun/Nissan vehicle and 5th Versa/Note in the family!


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    Let's see - your Note is a 2014 and you have 53,000 miles on it. So, knowing you, you've owned it for three months now, right? B)
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    stever said:

    Let's see - your Note is a 2014 and you have 53,000 miles on it. So, knowing you, you've owned it for three months now, right? B)

    Heh... the wife's office location changed and she's putting on 700 miles per week or so, not counting weekends and other trips. Been more like 8-9 months ;)
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    Keep an eye out for deer!
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    Ya... rats with antlers!
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    I was listening to the "local" news on internet radio for the town in the UP we recently moved from. DNR is cutting back on antlerless permits because of two rough winters in a row to help preserve the deer herd for the hunters.

    Two minutes later they had the police report. There was one unusual car/bear strike but the next five or six reports were reports of cars hitting deer (or being hit by one). Sheesh.

    I think it should be open season on 'em. One less worry down here at least.
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