Well it wasn't the fuel pump so why won't it start? Chevy Venture.

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I am having an issue with my Chevy Venture 2002. My Chevy will turn over and start but then dies. Once it dies it won't start again. You wear out the battery trying to start it. We were able to put it in Neutral and start it but now that no longer works. I did go ahead and replace the safety neutral switch. I replaced fuel pump, relay, and fuel filter. None of this has helped. Any suggestions


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    Assuming spark is good it would not be un-common for there to be an issue with c-305 connector. It can cause a number of symptoms. It is a passthrough connector likely just to rear of drivers seat (underneath vehicle). Google 'gm c-305 connector ' for more info
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    A fellow mechanic just suggested it is the pickup coil (what the firing coil sits on top of).
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