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imageFord Starts Production of All-New 2015 F-150, Claims Record Consumer Interest |

Ford starts production today of the all-new 2015 F-150 pickup, a radical redesign that uses an all-aluminum body to shed as much as 700 pounds from the full-size pickup truck. The 2015 F-150 will roll into dealer showrooms next month, but perhaps the most critical point for new truck buyers has yet to be revealed: how much the F-150's aluminum body and other efficiency measures will boost fuel economy.

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  • kokomojoekokomojoe Member Posts: 150
    Looking forward to seeing it in person. Nice restyle and the Aluminum body is a great idea. NO RUST
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    Waiting to see how much it's going to cost to insure versus their competitors. The aluminum body is going to be expensive to repair compared to steel.
  • independentvyuindependentvyu Member Posts: 5
    I was lucky enough to see and drive a pre-production 2015 Ford F-150 at a 2015 Ford F-150 Drive Event recently. My first impression of the truck upon approach was that I really like the new look of the truck from the front bumper to the rear bumper with the exception of the toy-ish looking STX model. I am a hater of the black out cues on this vehicle and every other vehicle no matter the manufacturer as I am a chrome preferred person. I am of the opinion that this is the best looking F-150 since 1979 minus the STX model mentioned.
    Once inside the vehicle, I was overwhelmed with the amount of room in the crew cab. Not only is it large front to back but I immediately noticed how much wider this truck is from armrest to armrest. I am very familiar with the current F-150 inside and out as I have spent much time driving my employer's 2009 F-150. I believe the comfort of the seats are even better than the current model as well and as the interior materials, fit, finish and improved dash, console and center armrest layout. I was even more impressed with the spacious rear seat leg, hip and shoulder room. You can definitely sit three grown adults in this seat and never make contact with the person next to them.
    I drove the all-new 2.7 Liter Ecoboost powered F-150 XLT 4x4 Crew Cab and was completely blown away. This truck is so quiet that it sound insulated me from most of the other vehicles around me, even the louder ones. The 2009 generation F-150 shut out all of the competition when it came to measuring the interior decibels as it was more than three times more quiet than the some other manufacturers' trucks thanks to additional firewall noise deadening insulation. The competition has caught up to the current generation F-150 in this category but not after the 2015 is released.
    The ride was unbelievably silky smooth with great feedback on the well maintained road and it also handled and rode very well on the uneven undulating side street with great control and no jostling. The F-150 also maintains the commanding view from any seat with great outward vision and excellent rearward vision with the large side mirrors, rear view mirror and the large back up cam monitor.
    I was extremely pleased with the performance of the 2.7 Liter Ecoboost., silky smooth with loads of torque and 310 hp immediately upon demand. I wish I could have driven another two or three miles to have gotten up over 45 mph to get a better feel for the new chassis, drivetrain and engine characteristics but I knew it was going to be a limited run as the next test driver was waiting. This engine maintained very low rpms throughout the drive and shut off once stopped for five seconds while in drive. It is Ford's new start/stop feature that will save a ton of fuel while sitting at those two-to-three minute traffic lights for city and suburban driving. I love this feature for saving money at the pump and the engine immediately fired up , in drive, as soon as my foot left the brake pedal without shimmying or jumping and I pulled away as if the engine never shut off. Ford is going to sell millions of these 2.7 Liter F-150s as it has ample power and torque for at least seventy percent of the current F-150 owners and it will get great gas mileage in town and out on the open highway.
    Senior Editor, Mr. Bill Visnic, wrote a nice story here and I agree that the lighter aluminum body panels will contribute to the higher payload and towing capacities but I believe that this increase is more related to the all new high strength cold rolled box frame with six welded cross members and two additional cross members that is much stronger and rigid than any other F-150 that weighs up to 68 pounds less than the current model's.
    Ford has done a great job with this all new F-150 from my obtained perception of my test drive and it is a looker too, which is subjective to tastes. Not every vehicle is for everyone.
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