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imageMore Power Than Traction - 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Long-Term Road Test

One downside to more power in the new GTI? More wheel slip.

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  • 7driver7driver Member Posts: 145
    Your GTI doesn't have 220hp. It only has 210hp. That's because the Performance Package, which does have 220hp, isn't available until December and your staff couldn't wait until then. The PP not only has the extra 10hp but it also has a trick E-diff which supposedly quells the torque steer of which you so eloquently complain.

    This is one of of those cases where adding power actually reduces torque steer because the extra HP is packaged with the trick E-diff.
  • fordson1fordson1 Unconfirmed Posts: 1,512
    Every other road test says the GTI does a way better job of managing torque steer than does the Focus ST. I guess you got a one-of-kind GTI.
  • mercedesfanmercedesfan Member Posts: 365

    I have an intern working under me right now that is currently in the market for a Mk7. According to dealers, VW USA just indefinitely delayed the Performance Pack for the US. Dealers have absolutely no idea when they will get their hands on it. Right now they are hoping for March, but apparently even that seems questionable. Plus, there is a wait list so it likely won't be until late next spring that someone can actually walk onto a lot and buy one.
  • swibswib Member Posts: 8
    I'm glad you guys have a GTI without the performance pack and LSD. Every other review has that option but it isn't even available here in the US right now, and it adds a fair amount to the base price. It's good to see a review of the actual car we can buy here, not what is available over in Europe.
  • DebunkerDebunker Member Posts: 49
    I have a 2015 GTI with manual transmission, and I find none of what you're talking about to be present. Neither do I see a problem with a stiff ride that you had mentioned previously. I suggest you drive a few other examples, such as one with the stick. It's not often that I find views so divergent from my own first-hand experience. BTW, did you check the air pressure in the tires?
  • ken_in_austinken_in_austin Member Posts: 7
    Even my 2012 GTI Autobahn DSG couldn't keep its tires on the road under hard acceleration - I viewed that as fun actually. That car could seemlessly 'power-slide' through a turn without any drama, and resume its line without breaking a sweat. I can't wait to get my MK7 R next year!
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    You guys forget that this car was not purchased but a loaner directly from VW. Just because YOU can't buy a GTI with the Performance Pack doesn't mean that VW can't make one.
  • socal_ericsocal_eric SoCalMember Posts: 189
    Having owned or driven most of the higher power, compact turbo front drivers made in the last couple decades, my Focus ST rated about mid-pack to the lower half on a scale of torque steer from best cars (minimal) to worst. The brake-based torque vectoring combined with the active correction features on the electric assist steering rack and the variable ratio rack meant it would squirm quite a bit under hard acceleration on imperfect surfaces even if it didn't yank and tug like some other cars like the Mazdaspeed 3.

    Probably the best high power front driver in recent years was the Cobalt SS Turbo. The steering rack, stock tires, suspension geometry/travel/control, stiff lower front powertrain/suspension cradle and reasonable torque management, even combined with the mechanical helical gear torque biasing diff (which can often magnify torque steer) was absolutely drama free and able to put power down on any surface without negative feedback (i.e torque steer) coming back through the wheel.
  • lenripleylenripley Member Posts: 1
    Want more Horsepower? How about 35 HP and 70 ft/lb of torque? Add the Neuspeed Power Module! It's reasonably priced and does not change mapping of ECU. It also does not affect the integrity of the engine. It is easy to install and remove for service at your dealer. I love it.
  • atenzaatenza Member Posts: 4
    Don't know what VW USA product people are thinking. A 30K Golf/GTI/Jetta don't offer auto dimming rearview mirror. It makes VW so under par in comparison to others like Hyundai or even Kia. I guess they just want to play catch up all the time. 
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