2002 Ford Taurus is having idle and driving issues.

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Hi Need some help please,
I have a 2002 ford taurus 3.0 dohc 24 valve s vin
The problem is the car is having idle and driving issues. The car has high miles 190000 miles I have had extensive evap work on it. I finally got all that fixed and got a sticker. Then after that I started getting a code for p1106 p1104 IAC problem the car was idling way to high at startup. I replaced the IAC with an oem part from a parts store. I have also replaced the pvc valve and all the hoses and tubes going to the throttle body. I took apart the throttle body cleaned it and made sure that it was working properly. I replaced the throttle position sensor and replaced the throttle body gasket, still no change. I then saw there has been a problem with the cruise control cable, I disconnected it and there is still the same problem. The engine runs fine but when I am driving the car will run on the highway with out touching the gas pedal. When I come to a stop the car is still running at 1500 rpm and then it will eventually drop to 800 rpm but as soon as i hit the pedal it goes to 1500 and won't stop until i come to a complete stop. When i stop the car and it goes to idle it will idle but when I turn on the air conditioning or heat on the idle will got 1500 to almost stalling then back up again. I took it to a mechanic that i trust and he checked all the vaccuum and with out any codes he said bring it to the dealer because his diagnostic tools don't allow him to see what the problem is. I really don't want to bring it to the dealer i know it is going to cost me probably more than what the car is worth if you have any Ideas I would really be thank full
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