Help me choose: CPO 2014 Acura RDX or New 2015 Forester XT.

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Hey all, I'm having a really difficult time choosing between two cars that I really love. I'm either contemplating a CPO 2014 Acura rdx AWD with Tech package, or a New 2015 Subaru Forester XT with every option. As some background, I am 20 and would plan to keep either car for about 10 years. Since the Acura would be used, I would aim to get one with around ~20k miles. That brings me to my first point, should I expect the car to last 10 years at about 12-14k a year average? I have a tough time convincing myself to buy a used car when I could get a new one for the same price, however I will be honest and admit I would love the Acura, partially because I am being a brand snob, and partially because I much prefer the looks of the interior and exterior.

It's also important to me that these cars will not look quite outdated 5-7 years from now and the Acura takes the cake for that IMHO based on looking at older models of both makes.

So this is my dilemma, I like them both but just am not sure what to do!! Like I stated, a big factor to me would be keeping the cars for 10 years, and that they would still look nice and presentable 5-7 years from now (as long as I take care of them which I would).

Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me? I understand the mechanical differences between the two and am not concerned with gas mileage. I have to say the appealing part of the FXT is that I live in the snow belt, and the car was a lot of fun to drive for me!! I am just not sure it will age as well as the Acura and I have a few concerns with long term reliability of the turbo boxer as opposed to the NA V6 on the RDX. My budget would be around 33-35.

Thanks a ton!!

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