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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for BMW 528i Demo to keep my monthly payments as low as possible. I have a number of questions:
1.How does MF and residual differ in the case of a demo that already has 5K miles? Normally it's 0.0013 and 61% for 36mo/10K on a brand new car.
2. Does the $1500 innovation credit apply to a demo car?
3. If the dealer is advertising 47K on a demo that was originally 55K, is there room for further negotiation?
4. Let's say I'm able to get 45K on that car, is the residual calculated as 61% of 47K or 55K. Just confused with demo if the price they're advertising is considered the MSRP?


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    Most dealerships consider a demo with 5k miles a new car. So they will lower the asking price to compensate the test drives and people sitting and checking out vehicle more than a new lot car.

    Question 1 and 2- New car same should apply.

    Question 3- there is always more room for negotiating especially a demo.

    The residual value is the amount you can buy the car for at the end of the lease, if you decide you want to purchase the car. It also is an important number in the lease equation, directly affecting your monthly payment. You can ask for residuals in the BMW leasing forum.

    Good luck.

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