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Need advise please. Ford Explorer Sport engine fluctuations.

iap1iap1 Member Posts: 2
edited November 2014 in Ford
I have a 2001 ford explorer sport i have been enjoying until about three weeks ago when i filled my fuel tank at a filling station. Shortly after leaving the station, i discovered a change in its performance while driving. I discover now is that even though the car moves without any problem, the engine begins to slightely fluctuate on its own the moment i come to a stationary position and later goes off if i do not move my gear from drive (D) to park (P). Restarting the car is not difficult at all. What could be the problem? i have filled my fuel tank twice since the incindence to neutralize the bad fuel but i am still experiencing the problem. At first a technician i got suspected the fuel pump but i disagreed with him. I got another technician only last saturday to check. he confirmed that the fuel pump and the plugs were still okay. He then serviced the injector nozzles but the same problem presist. i am tired of going back and forth. i need advice please...
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