Isuzu Rodeo will not shift from 2nd.

tazzabtazzab Member Posts: 1
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Looking for a bit of help. My wife's 2000 automatic Isuzu Rodeo will not shift past 2nd. It drives great shifts as she accelerates etc but will not shift beyond 2nd, and just increases the rpm's. If she lets off the gas it gears down fine.
It has a new transmission which has checked out fine. The actuator / sensor for the transmission has been changed twice, we thought the first one was faulty and put a second one in....same problem. So are we looking at a computer issue ? If so is it really going to be worth the money and time to fix. Hate to give up on it as it's a great little SUV my wife loves but I am running out of idea's and there is no dealership in Canada anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Also please keep in mind I am NOT mechanically inclined in the least. I did my best to describe what I know thus far. Thanks


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