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Loss of braking while going over bumps or railroad tracks!

patsriotpatsriot Posts: 1
edited November 2014 in Pontiac
it happens often and is dangerous. when travelling towards a breaking situation if there are any pot holes or railway track; while depressing the brake pedal the car looses braking and I need to release pedal and reapply. has anyone experienced this problem?


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,926
    Is the ABS system acting like a wheel is locking up and activating? There could be wiring harness issues allowing a wheel speed signal to drop out over bumps, and in some cases software updates have been provided by the manufacturer to address over sensitive systems. You need to have this checked ASAP.
  • So this is happening to me as well.  Very intermittent.. but always happens after railroad tracks or uneven turning over bumpy or high roads..  we are going to have the ABS looked at .. thank you for the information!!
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