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Service stabilitrak traction control off engine power reduced issue

baboroshibaboroshi Member Posts: 1
edited February 2017 in GMC
i have a used 2012 Acadia with 79000 km in it and i have a problem with the stabilitrak service traction control off engine power reduced comes on my dash board i had to stop and turn the engine off and the stabilitrak is running after a few runs it the messsage will coe on again it happens all the time on and off I only have this for almost 3 months


  • duglaswduglasw Member Posts: 1
    Did u get this fixed? We have the same on our 2010 Acadia
  • ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    duglasw said:

    Did u get this fixed? We have the same on our 2010 Acadia

    I don't think the prior person will answer since the post was over 2 years old but with the reduced power message forget about the stabilitrak thing. The reduced power should set a code, get it scanned for that and correct whatever it calls for.
  • speedyt86speedyt86 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2013 traverse with same issue....50k on it.  I bought it in Feb, had it for 2 weeks, it would ding 4x's then give me traction control off, stab requires servicing, then reduces power.  One dealership wanted to swap parts cost me $300 for diagnosis and 2 relays.  Did NOT fix it.  Long story short, I took it to another dealership that thought it was a wiring  Mechanic actually did some trouble shooting and found loose wire harness.  Took the fuse box off, found wire harness was not bolted to bottom of box....bolt was finger loose causing a bad connection....also had a bent pin.  I have had the car back a full week and no issues.  Before I would drive about 20 miles and I would have the above issues.
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